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Missing Link Pure Silver Reference Cables Personally Requested For The Hi Fi Choice Demonstration Room at

The Bristol Hi Fi Show 2012

Pictured above: David Price - New Editor for Hi Fi Choice Magazine & Mark Sears - Designer & Cable Craftsman for The Missing Link

David Price the new editor for Hi Fi Choice magazine carried out a series of demonstrations in the Hi Fi Choice room at the Bristol Show. At his personal request our pure Silver Link Cryo Reference Cables were used throughout. We are very proud to be associated & involved. Many thanks to all who attended the demos & expressed interest in our products & a special thanks to David for a superb demonstration ... his dedication and passion are to be highly commended

Hi Fi Choice can only go from strength to strength with such a dedicated enthusiast at the helm.



The Heathrow Hi Fi Show 

 As most of you will know this was our first big show and we were really looking forward to it after helping with the development of the Art Audio system for the last 6 months ... Especially with the chance of giving all of you who visited us a wonderful  audible treat ! I am afraid we did not get a chance to get many pictures as we were so busy but here  are a few pictures of our room not long after we had set up .


wpeA.jpg (64717 bytes) wpeC.jpg (31769 bytes) wpeE.jpg (112727 bytes)

The system we used on the Friday and Saturday comprised of ---

The excellent  Resolution Audio Opus 21 CD front end ..

Also a guest appearance of the Loricraft Audio Garrard 501 (with a special Frank Schroeder Unipivot tone arm and Lyra Helikon mc cartridge) into the VP1 Valve Phono Stage by Art Audio. 

The new Art Audio Loudspeaker system being unveiled for the first time after 5 years in development with Cabinets made of solid 25mm kiln dried English Oak … each utilising two of the legendary 50mm Bandor Hi-speed drivers with a flat response from 100hz-20khz + - 3db …

These being driven by the Argento 300b Tube Mono Blocks in push pull at 20 watts with the new EAT 300B valves.


We saved the Best till Last on the Sunday…

We linked with The Diavolo 10 watt Single Ended 300b Stereo Power Amplifier. This coupled with a solid-state active sub that can delve lower than 20hz  gave the very best that solid state and valve have to offer … all woven seamlessly together  with our Full range of Cryogenically Treated Reference  Loudspeaker interconnect and Power Cables... not forgetting the unveiling of the new Reference Supplier units providing the power distribution and filtration .

This all gelled together beautifully to produce a sound that was a truly moving experience…something with which we are sure those who listened and heard will agree. 


wpe10.jpg (90143 bytes)

Mark & Tom after the show

A Job Well Done!

Many thanks to all who popped in to say 'Hello' and listen to some music with us...True Enjoyment !

The few other rooms we managed to see

wpe18.jpg (40465 bytes)  wpe1E.jpg (38303 bytes) wpe20.jpg (26686 bytes) wpe22.jpg (47972 bytes) wpe24.jpg (17316 bytes) wpe29.jpg (58950 bytes)

The Chord room was looking as impressive as ever - I  feel sure that if their power amplifiers get any larger they will have to start paying rates.. The Ear room was sounding very good so this was where we took our coffee breaks..  Avid turntables  are always a delight to listen to with first class  build quality... Ferguson Hill were making some beautiful sounds and the Lowther  based  horn speaker boasting 100db efficiency.. meaning high pressure levels even with SET amplification and surely the most attractive horn loudspeaker on the market..  Last but by no means least one of our favourite  rooms of the show had to be Nottingham Analogue-  not only is Tom Fletcher a

We all had a most excellent time and look forward to seeing you at future events




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