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Reader Reviews

I feel sure there must be many recordings you feel passionate about or you would not be here.. So why not put finger to the key board and share them with your fellow music lovers. Together we can create an indispensable resource.

Nerina Pallot . . . Fires

For those of you who have not heard of Nerina Pallot and are into female vocalist may I strongly suggest if you only buy one CD this week make it a copy of Fires I just cant stop listening to it, The first track from Nerina's CD I heard was simply by accident when turning on the TV.. Sophia track 8, and it is simply stunning it is one off those songs that stops you dead in your track’s, the way this young lady pours emotion into every syllable just has to be heard to be believed she seems to share uncanny qualities with Joni Mitchell, and the recording quality is also excellent other track’s to listen to are Damascus and the spell binding Mr King.

Check her out with this link


Regards Mark ( The Missing Link)

Even in the quietest moments . . . Supertramp  

I really don’t know why, but it is always the first CD I reach for whenever I wish to listen to music; perhaps the songs are indelibly stamped upon my memory?

My first ever Supertramp experience (I suppose it was for many others, too?) was Breakfast in America which at first was simply wallpaper music; then it became a case of “I must listen to that again”. Was it Horace’s diary or that Logical Song?

However, from my first listen to Quietest Moments I realised that Supertramp had become even better; more involving; even some tracks quite haunting in a strange sort of way. Each time I hear something new!

Give a little bit of your time to read and quietly understand how I feel; from now on I am hooked to the words and music of Davies and Hodgson!  I have since collected almost all the other albums and they have added to my enjoyment for a few years now; alas I can only add to the accolades already heaped upon this collection of  Super musicians. I doubt there is anything original I would be able to write, everything has been covered a thousand times already!

Every album has what I must describe as a truly memorable song; it is just that Quietest has several such tracks; it has taken me some considerable time to choose just one.

“Even in the quietest moments, I wish I knew what I had to do” is clearly an open invitation to sit down in a quiet room and listen to those moments of Supertramp magic. The lyrics go on “The music that you gave me, the language of my soul” seems to be coming from the heart of a singer that yearns to be heard!

Continue to listen to “Your whisper tells a secret, your laughter brings me joy” almost seems to be saying that he is listening to his critics and is glad to see you happy with the music.

The suggestion throughout the song is one of “I’m listening and asking your help” as part of the quest to further the SuperGroup’s music, is it a logical song or a fool’s overture?

Other tracks on this album include Lover Boy, Downstream and Babaji’ which all contribute to the overall completeness that wanders through those quietest moments!

I still can’t put my finger on what makes this album so listenable; it would be the crime of the century if there was anybody out there who has not listened to at least one track!

“And when the song is over, where have I been, was it just a dream? And though your door is always open, where do I begin, may I please come in, dear?” are the famous last words from the song that has become my personal favourite.

Roger, Rick and the gang will continue to entertain in the fashion they call their own; the legacy is there for all to hear; with Free as a bird and Brother as something of a finale?

I missed Paris but wish I had been there to see that performance; perhaps out on DVD one of these days?

As you may well have guessed, I am listening to the quietest album while compiling these few words to explain my reasons for Supertramping through life’s crisis’s. What crisis?

Yours In Music ...Paul Edwards     ( March Competition winner )


Philips 464 203-2

Trumpet Concertos

Hakan Hardenberger

Academy of St Martin in the Fields

Sir Neville Marriner

 Philips 464 028-2

Famous Classical Trumpet Concertos (2CDs)

 Review by Mike Adams

 In 1986 Philips released their first recording with the Swedish trumpeter Hakan Hardenberger. It immediately became ‘the standard’ (recording) for the two most recognisable works for the instrument: the Haydn and Hummel Trumpet Concertos.

The Haydn is exquisitely played, with just the right combination of musicality and virtuosity. Hardenberger’s tone and phrasing is worthy of particular note. I own several other recordings of this work including that of the highly acclaimed Wynton Marsalis and have yet to hear a performance that surpasses it. (With only Maurice Andre/Riccardo Muti’s getting close to it). The order of tracks is cleverly done with the Haydn Concerto being a fitting conclusion.

The other two works on this CD are the Hertel and Stamitz Concertos in D, both of which exploit the instrument’s upper range, although the accompaniment of St Martin in the Fields is a little too vibrant at times.

 This CD is still available at full price, but has been included, in full on disk one of the newer budget compilation. The only alteration being the addition of the Richter Concerto in D after the Haydn Concerto, the change of style, orchestra and conductor adding little. (I would therefore advocate listening to disk one to track twelve and then stopping)

Philips have not been so helpful with the rest of Hardenberger’s releases as they have now discontinued them!

Whilst duplicating the first Trumpet Concertos CD, a selection of the material from the three other CD’s released has been compiled into the second of the disks (plus the Richter on disk one). The actual track selection also leaves something to be desired. Instead of a double CD containing the core trumpet concertos they have included a few popular items from his Trumpet and Organ Spectacular recorded at Soro Church, but not the best of them (in particular missing the Toccata by Giambattista Martini)

 The rest of the selection for the second disk being slightly bland concertos from L. Mozart, JM Molter, M Haydn, A Corelli and a second concerto from J Hertel. There is nothing mundane about Hardenbergers performances and he manages to maintain his characteristic tone and musicality even in the extreme high passages.

 This double CD represents good value for money even with the weaker second disk and my only disappointment is the withdrawal of the original releases.


Hi all,
here is a review of a performer I have only just discovered but who I nearly always play when I have my system on, namely Michael Buble.
The recordings are extremely clear and are excellent material to take with you when auditioning equipment. his style is Sinatra/rat pack based, I honestly think he's better than Sinatra, a very big thing to say but his arrangements of classics such as ,Fever,come fly with me, summer wind etc are all a breath of fresh air. You might think this sort of music is not your style but wait until you hear the double bass in the opening bars of fever you'll be amazed, his clarity of voice in put your head on my shoulder .
His songs arnt limited to old composers, Van Morison's Moon dance is track two ,George Michaels Kissing a fool is track three, both beautiful with depth and clarity and are definitely not disgraced against the originals. In fact Kissing a fool is a lot softer and warmer than Georges recording, so there you are then, Michael Buble on reprise records,
happy listening, you wont be disappointed,
best wishes ,
Dave Andrews



Nitin Swahney Beyond Skin

Hi Jan and Mark,

Thanks for the newsletter and the best wishes, may i wish you both the
Just thought i would take advantage of your invitation to write about an
album and artist many of your customers may not have heard of. But if you
want to test your hi-fi you should look no further than this album.
What is it?, who is it?
I am of course referring to Nitin Sawhney, and his remarkable cd "Beyond
Skin" on the "outcast" Label.
I can honestly say this has everything one could possibly wish for,
beautifully haunting melodies, heart stopping bass lines, mid and treble
detail that will make you system go YES! this is what I've been waiting
This artist is one of the most talented people i have heard in a very long
time, each track is completely different and just draws you in deeper and
deeper, no other album i own has the capability or musical range this has .
What you have here is a mix of ethnic Indian classical music, bring in some
flamenco guitar work, trouser flapping bass, jazz, soul, rap.  Instrument's
flow in and out like a tide of different emotions and arouse the senses, in
short this is a journey. Please don't let any of this put you off, you may
not like rap or jazz or killer bass, ( i can't abide rap) but please trust
me these amalgamate into an album of rare beauty and artistic
accomplishment not easily found and sadly mostly overlooked.
This is also fantastically recorded, the detail in each track is
astounding, and even on a modest system it sounds tight and spacious. On a
quality set up this detail and background interactions come together in a
stunning piece of work that really should be on everyone's shortlist.
Stand out tracks include,
Track 1 " Broken skin" If this does not move you nothing will. Beautiful.
Track 2 "Letting go" Goose bump time, honestly!
Track 5 "Tides"  is an instrumental work of real beauty, and a test for
your systems treble, detail and timing
Track 6 "Nadia"  is spine chillingly haunting, with a great bass that comes
in after a few minutes and really will test the extension you speakers
have. ( this comes out of your speakers drops to the floor and races along
the floor towards you, up into and through your chest and out the back to
leave you open mouthed and astounded, as it did me)
Tack 9 "Anthem without nation" not my favourite track, but if you really
want to see how low your speakers can go this is the ultimate  low
frequency test. careful with the volume on this one goes to 20htz and
All tracks are fantastic and the album as a whole is utterly enjoyable. I
have owned it for a few years now and have never tired of it, and i never
Nitin has about 8 or nine albums and i own 6 of these and all are
remarkable. This is a man with a real talent and should be around for the
foreseeable future. This is one fan who has had his heart warmed and soul
soothed by this wonderful artist.
I hope this is of some value to your news letter, and your customers,
please give this cd a spin and let the music flow!
Kindest Regards


Ron Ferris.


Please feel free to contribute a review of your favorite music it need not be in depth - just from the heart... Tell us what makes your soul fly... We will be happy to publish all contributions.




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