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Vinyl Passion LP-12  Unity - One & Two   Subchassis


A range of unsurpassed  Engineering upgrades for your Linn LP-12

Unity - One  Concept

To get the most information from your turntable it is important not to lose any information from the record groove and to avoid colouration of the original recording.

To attain this balance it is important that no part of the tone arm, arm-board, sub-chassis main bearing or platter can absorb energy or excite at audio frequency.

To achieve this most desirable combination we have carried out an extensive testing program using accelerometers and laser measuring devices to discover the very best materials from which to create our VP Unity - One Chassiscombination and have now developed a totally new inert arm-board, sub-chassis and suspension system that allows the very highest performance levels to be produced from the LP-12 turntable.   

 Unity - One  The Best Material

We considered several engineering polymers including a full carbon acrylic but after extensive testing all were rejected due to very tiny but still unacceptable levels of energy absorption.

Finally we have chosen the same Aerospace Alloy that is used to mount the Rolls Royce Trent 1000 Turbine Engines to British Airliners.

And after specialist cutting and shaping the Aerospace Alloy Unity - One is firstly chemically soaked and then baked in a furnace to reach its full hardness before being hard-anodised to tune the whole unit to its perfect temper.

 Unity - One  Unique Shape

The unusual shape of the Unity - One has been developed by an ingenious Cad Program that has analysed every millimetre of the cross section of the Aerospace Alloy when cut in its first sample Unity - One design to create this new unique shape that ensures a non-uniform cross section that eliminates all ringing.

  Unity - One  Icing on The Cake

The standard LP-12 chassis is often distorted making perfect alignment impossible.

The Unity - One main bearing and arm-board seats are milled to be exactingly flat guaranteeing perfect alignment of the stylus to the record groove.

 Unity - One  For The Very Best Results

Vinyl Passion are Pioneers in the development of the Acrylic Armboard for the LP-12, Vinyl Passion utilises a highly specialised Carbon impregnated Cast Acrylic for their VP-1 Polymer Armboard. This has now been in production for over 7 years and has won acclaim all over the world.

Recognising the need to improve the internal structure of the LP-12 even further has brought forth the development of the Unity - One Chassis. This new VP combination of Sub-Chassis and Arm Board is the perfect marriage of materials - totally inert at audio frequency providing the tone arm a perfect platform to perform at its very best. 

The VP-1 Carbon Acrylic Arm Board is fastened directly to the hardened Aerospace Alloy Chassis with non magnetic Stainless Steel bolts to make a totally rigid perfectly aligned and resonant free join.

 Unity - One  Excited Springs

Last but not least - We were very excited with the test results of the Unity - One 

However, there was one final issue detected on analysing the sub-chassis under test conditions. This was a very small but occasional excitement of the standard springs. We decided after going this far we may as well finish the job properly but this turned out to be a trickier process than anticipated. Nonetheless, numerous experiments and consultations later we again turned to the Aviation industry for the solution.

 The new springs we have developed use a special anti harmonic coating that was developed for Aerospace engine parts and this has very successfully completely removed the excitement problems at audio frequency.

  Unity - One  Good Vibrations !

We have enjoyed this development project immensely and believe the Unity - One  is the finest product on the market to get the very most from your LP-12 at a fair price.

Having owned LP-12ís and SME turntables for many years it feels good to have at last added the final touches to the creation of an LP-12 with the dynamics and detail of the SME yet retaining the warmth and musicality for  which the Linn is so much loved and hopefully at a price that is affordable to the enthusiast. Enjoy  



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