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A hand picked selection of the finest value amplifiers available today

We are proud to be Ming Da and Vincent Audio Specialists 


Amplifiers From Vincent Audio & Ming Da

Ask Yourself - Why buy Ming Da From The Missing Link when you can buy direct from China on the internet ?

All Genuine  Ming Da amplifiers built for the UK market are CE approved.

 Using None - CE approved equipment in your home invalidates your home inurance.. imported Ming Da amplifiers do not have the correct 240 volt transformers fitted and do not have the modifications and quality of components that are used in the Genuine UK versions..

Genuine UK Ming Da audio equipment is carefully biased and checked by an engineer prior to installation in your home free of charge... and most importantly comes with a  UK warranty..

 You can now own some of the finest audio equipment available today with great service and backup from the Official UK Importers  

Giving even better value to you the music lover than has ever been possible before..

Please see the link at the bottom of our page for the full Ming Da Range available for demonstration & purchase



Vincent Audio Official UK Importer

For the full range Avaliable from Vincent See Vincents Website click the link below

 *  Vincent Audio UK Website  *

Call 01623844478 for latest prices or to book a dem

Vincent News


Latest SV-500 Integrated amplifier now on dem... 5 year warrenty built in 24/192 dac defeatable tone controlls

Pre out 2x digital inputs headphone Jack 2x 50w 

Stunning integrated just book a demo


 Come to hear the superb 331-MK class A Tube hybrid power amplifier 

Click picture for detailed info on the full range of Pre and Power Amplifiers from Vincent 

call for prices on all vincent products or to arrange a demonstration

Available for audition SP-331 MK Power amplifier PHO-8 Phono stage

Comming to the dem room soon  995 mono amplifiers


SP-331MK class A Tube Hybrid power Amplifier 150 watts into 8 ohms 

Read TNT Review you will not find a better power amplifier at this price one of our reference amplifiers

This is a superb match partnered to any Quality pre amplifier and works wonderfully with the Ming Da MDS-7

This will drive any loudspeaker offering 150 watts into 8 ohms or 300 watts into 4 ohms




The Ming Da Range of Amplifiers 


1.  The highest performance to price ratio

2.  The finest quality hand built valve amplifiers available

3. Two years UK Warranty on equipment & 12 months on valves

4.  price includes free local installation service ( 50 miles of NG209PQ )

5. We are happy to arange demo off all Ming Da equipment we stock what we sell

We invite you to book an appointment and listen for yourself 01623844478 Mark or Jan



 This MC-34 Sounds as good as it looks genuine high end valve performance  & at a great price book an appointment today

One listen will tell you all you need to know.. Also available in Black

Special offer Combo Deal add the superb Vincent PHO-8 Phono Stage 

Superb integrated with Class A valve output & Switched headphone socket in a neet afordable package

Special offer Combo Deal add the superb Vincent PHO-8 Phono Stage 


Currently our favourite valve integrated amplifier 

 Superb and sublime performance normally costing many time its asking price at only this is a true Audiophile bargain

Special offer Combo Deal add the superb Vincent PHO-8 Phono Stage

This is our best selling valve Integrated amplifier

Ming Da Preamplifiers

Retail Price MDS 7 SE  1649 / Chorus Version 1749 with upgraded valves (AS DEMO ROOM)

Special offer Combo Deal MDS7 SE  + Vincent SP331 MK 2 x 150 watt Power amplifier 

Add a vincent PHO-8 Phono Stage making an unbeatable deall

Deal MDS7 SE Pre Applifier  + Vincent SP331 MK 2 x 150 watt Power amplifier +

This combo just works so well  it really has to be heard to fully appreciate the shear musicality & value

On dem now

The Flagship MC 300 Pre amplifier unparalleled transparency a truly magical weaver of music


Ming Da  Power Ampilifiers


Review Exclusive Hi Fi World July 2012

The 805 is simply one of the most musical single ended amplifiers you will ever hear regardles of price  & matched with Quad loudspeakers this makes a stunning combination - why not book a demo and experience this for yourself..

Cost is per matched pair of mono's

Stunning true high end value ML Starlight version with upgreaded valves  (AS DEMO ROOM)



Sheer power and musicality


For more information on Ming Da's superb range of hi fidelity equipment avaliabe from The Missing Link see the link 

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