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Customer Testimonials

All  Comments are Exactly as Received  

 Thankyou to all of our customers for your continued support,  Your passion is our inspiration... Regards Mark & Jan


Hello Mark,


When we spoke about the above order a couple of weeks ago,you said that you always appreciate feedback from your customers. I certainly care about the quality of your work and the obvious attention to detail. Your made-to-measure service is also important to me - my new amp came supplied with an impressive mains cable , but 1.5m in length when the amp sits about 0.4m from the Supplier is a waste of cable and untidy. Perhaps I'll get a better cable from you at a later date - presumably one of your high-end cables would be compatible with any source and the Supplier ?  Most of my recent listening has been late evening/after midnight and so generally at a low volume. However,I've begun to realise that there is a clean, clear sound that I can appreciate without having to disturb anyone - and I still have potential for improvements in in-connects and speaker cables !  With regard to the Nakamichi, the sound quality is indistinguishable from the source material - the best compliment I can give.


Thanks again for your advice and passion for hi-fi,


Kind regards, Fraser


Hello Mark,

 Please find below as requested a review of the Unity One Linn Kit. 

 “ In the eighties ‘British Rail’ had a slogan “Let the train take the strain” .The adverts showed a train speeding along with stress free passengers avoiding the hassle of traffic jams.

 Listening to the ‘Unity One’ made me think of this advert. The sound is so effortless, tracking is vastly improved, inner groove distortion disappears, sibilant vocals are reproduced with a complete sense of correctness, all from a quiet background.

 The Naim Aro retains its liquid and sweet presentation but the treble is more incisive with greater impact and the sound is more tactile with a greater sense of space. The base sill retains its slight softness but is more dynamic.

 I have been purchasing Hi Fi for 50 years and have never achieved such an upgrade for such a small outlay. “

 We have included peter’s contact information as he requested he is happy to communicate with prosepective customers…

 Peter G. Somers.



Hi Jan and Mark,
I hope you are both well.
Following on from our recent conversation, I'd like to offer the following review, which you are welcome to use on your website if you wish. I'll get round soon to posting something on a hifi forum too.

"My friend Tom, with whom I have a friendly 'HiFi rivalry' was sat there with his mouth open. He'd liked my system quite a lot, but was quite fond of nit picking and pointing out where his was better; but what neither of us could quite believe was the transformation that the Missing Link mains cables and plugs had wrought in my system.
The imaging and level of detail had been benignly transformed, i.e., the system still had it's inherent warmth but now with almost holographic imaging and a tangible sense of quietness. In particular, we noticed the effect of the Orbit cables which were supplying my power amp and my Isotek mains distribution block / conditioner.
I, for one, couldn't figure out how a length of cable and a ferrite core positioned before all my Isotek's best efforts at mains conditioning could have such a stunning effect. To put it in context, this cable on its own had around the same degree of sonic benefit as the £650 I spent having my power amp upgraded with better internal wiring, capacitors etc.
Eventually, Tom managed to close his mouth and I have a hunch he might be a Missing Link customer fairly soon - John Mackessy, London."

What I'm going to do is make up one length of cable for Tom as a start for him! and replace more plugs in my system. So, can I order the following:
One 3. 5 metre length of Orbit
One Orbit ferrite core
Three Ultrapure AG EPS-500 Heavy Silver plated 13 amp mains plugs (with two 13 amp fuses and one 5 amp fuse, please).
Finally, his refurbed 1980s Naim power amp doesn't have an IEC. The connector we need for it is a weird female Naim one with three circular holes. Can't find its like on your website but if you have one (especially a silver plated one) that would be great. If not we'll just use the one he's got and perhaps get it plated later on. On this final item do give me a quote first if it's likely to be expensive!

Please pop me an invoice and I'll make a transfer straight away.

Oh, and Jan when you have a four-way (2+2) reference supplier with mains conditioning available for dem do let me know

Many thanks to you both.
Best wishes,



Hi Jan, hope you and Mark are well ; I promised you a review of the high current mains lead and here it is below. The burn-in process has taken a very long time, despite leaving the system on 24/7.My wife and I went to Northern Greece on holiday week 5 into burn-in and I could still hear further improvements when we returned!
My introduction to the-missing-link products came a few months back when I wanted higher a quality mains extension block for my mains filters (Fidelity NNU-X and Russ Andrews clarity mainsX2) which are adjacent to my main system (Naim CDX2 / AVI Laboratory Series Integrated Amplifier/ AVI pro 9 plus speakers, CD and Amp on reference level Ringmat vivacity platforms).I initially ordered a Supplier 6 block with standard Orbit lead. I was very pleased with the results, lower noise floor, more detail , the block was making my mains filters more effective. I then asked Mark to make me up a Supplier 6 block with a reference lead rather than the standard Orbit; I was amazed to get yet more gains ; the reference lead wiped the floor with the orbit in only a few days.
I was so impressed with results with the supplier 6/reference lead that I decided to replace my amp lead with a high current reference lead. Mark made me a custom length of 1.7 m which I used to replace my 2m Nordost Vishnu lead ; which I in turn used to upgrade the lead of the large Fidelity NNU-X filter. The current cost of the high current reference lead is in fact only around 10% more expensive than the Nordost lead. Although the Nordost looks positively puny alongside the high current reference – more of a small hosepipe than lead!
After the initial trauma of fitting my own Furutech IEC on to the massive conductors , I was ready for some listening ! In a very short space of time I could hear the early promise of the new lead , in terms of increased speed and lower noise floor giving more detail; the amplifier was showing more command and starting to behave like the 200W powerhouse it is. In fact it was so good in the first week that I thought that perhaps the burn-in would be quicker than normal – not so. After 3 weeks I was almost checking that the same amplifier was in place, the improvement was so great! Although Mark claims not to be able to measure any differences after 2 weeks, but the burn-in has taken 6 weeks with the system on 24/7. The amplifier performance is now so good in terms of lower noise floor that I can really turn up the wick and let the music out. The notes sound more precise, the amp has more grip ,loads more detail and the speed is significantly faster than the Vishnu. Greater dynamic range, the sound stage is much bigger with better separation and better defined voices.
In terms of actual listening notes I have been listening to a number of favourite albums during the period. The first a 60’s compilation with a number of old high quality Pye recordings (Kinks/Sandie Shaw etc) the improvement and overall quality is amazing. The trombone solo at the start of Sandie Shaw’s “Girl Don’t Come” is so lifelike and the soundstage is stunning. On James Taylor’s Classic Songs the voice, guitar sound quality and backing very clear . On the first track “Fire and Rain” the brushes on the drums are wipe lash fast and the backing cello sounds wonderfully rich. One of my favourite classical albums recently has been “The Radiant Voice of Barbara Bonney” . Her soprano voice has a very large range , with great power and hence hard to reproduce on Hi-Fi. All the tracks sound flawless with no high frequency “edge”.
The real acid test for my ultimate listening enjoyment is how any major system change improves the sound of my favourite classical albums .The Peter Hurford set of J. S Bach Organ Works. I first listened to these great recordings as virgin vinyl from Harrow Record Library . The DECCA sound engineers produced some stunning sound quality on many of the volumes . The CD’s have always sounded pretty good and could probably do with remastering as the transfers stem from 1990 (so 20 bit masters at best) ; unfortunately I very much doubt whether that will happen. On volume 5 disc 2 there are 2 Austria organs (Melk and St Polten) . The sound quality on these complex tacks was fantastic, the separation between the keyboard and pedal lines so clear. The pace , dynamic range and massive soundstage spot on. Most of all though I was delighted to hear on the highest frequencies the lovely “shimmer “ of the harmonics which is very much evident on organs made by Andreas Silbermann. Best sound quality I have heard of these works.
No doubt things would sound even better with a high current reference lead on the CD player ! That might take a bit more time as I am now into Photography in my dotage and have just bought a new Lumix G3 camera. Although a the lead on the CD would cost less than a 7-14mm Panasonic wide angled lens; makes you think !

Regards Brian Daw  London

Thanks Brian as always it makes our day when our customers take the time to put finger 2 keyboard



Hi Jan

Thought it was time to let you know just how pleased I am with the Link Cryo Reference interconnect.  When I fitted the Log Rhythm MkII to my SME IV I was in holiday mode so burn-in was achieved in double quick time.  As luck would have it the Cryo arrived just as we were about to be inspected at work so it has taken me quite a bit longer to get to the same place.  Was it worth the wait?  You bet!  The Log Rhythm was so much better than the Van den Hul that came with the arm that the improvements were pretty dramatic and immediate. When I replaced the Ecosse cable linking my pre and power amps with the Cryo the differences were of a more subtle nature.  There is more 'grip', with the bass notably tighter and the top end (which was already pretty good) even more controlled.  The overall sound is more 'natural' and the music just fills the room.  Vocals in particular reach out and grab you by the ears. Piano, which is notoriously difficult to reproduce well, is treated to a full makeover - the 2nd (slow) movement from Beethoven Piano Concerto 5 is like listening to liqiud crystal!   Of course there is always the danger that having spent serious money on a new cable you con yourself into hearing alleged improvements. My better half, usually sceptical about the benefits of splashing out on little bits of silver wire ("you can buy a leather sofa for that kind of money"), is actually sitting down on said leather sofa and asking me to play particular records.  Praise indeed.  Not only do your cables bring out the best in the music they throw in positive relationship building for free.  I would not hesitate to recommend your products and your service to anyone.
Hope you and Mark have a wonderful Christmas.
With best wishes for you and the business in 2011.
Jim Brady


Dear Jan,

Yes we had a very relaxing Christmas thanks – I hope you did too.

No problem re the delay; I expected it might take a couple of weeks with the weather/postal system recovering. I received the delivery yesterday and it was like Christmas all over again… (I will grow up one day…).

By the time I got home I only had time for a short listening session last night once I’d installed the new mains and interconnect cables but already the improvements were noticeably significant. One of the most striking improvements I noticed was with a piano piece I am very familiar with (I also use it as a test track when developing speakers at work). With the new cables installed the temporal and spatial decay of each piano note beautifully rang out into the room much more so than before. It was an obvious improvement on what I thought sounded pretty good beforehand. I also felt that female vocals had gained an extra level of realism and also seemed to hang in the air with such clarity and definition. All being well I’ll be leaving work on the dot at 6pm tonight so I can get home for a decent session with the system.

Thank you again to you and Mark for your superbly designed products and service. I will be looking to replace my speaker cables later this year so expect to hear from me!

All the best for 2011,




From: Duncan Race


Hi Jan, thought I’d drop a line – the new interconnect is fab ! Really very good indeed !  I’ve written a short testimonial – feel free to include it on your site !

Hi Jan, firstly happy new year to yourself and Mark !  Second I thought I’d give some feedback on the cables I’ve received recently.  I now have missing link Cryo reference silver throughout my system of Naim NAC 82/ CDX/ 2xHi-Cap/ NAP 180, as well as orbit mains cables throughout..  The last one was another bespoke cable between the NAP 180 and Hi-Cap.  The results have been typically good, but have also changed my thinking going forward.  With the standard black SNAIC the 180 sounded very detailed, buy bright compared to my previous NAP 140, with a softer bottom end.  I was fully considering moving to a NAP 250 as the NAP 180 seemed to be good but too bight.  Already using a custom Missing Link “SNAIC” type cable between my HiCap and NAC 82, I decided to complete the set and go for another replacement - another bespoke “SNAIC” cable this time between the NAP 180 and Hi-Cap – the results have been extremely surprising, if not predictable given my previous experience of your interconnects.  The whole system sounds now very different.  The bass lines and now very much stronger, and the mid and treble are super clean, giving a very natural presentation with plenty of bounce.  Such is the change that I am not, at the moment, thinking of jumping to a NAP 250 any more, rather enjoying what my system can do.

 I’d urge anyone who has a NAIM system and is considering an upgrade to first try your cables between their components.  Despite what NAIM say substantial improvements can be had by using your cabling, both mains and interconnects, which are quite cost effective particularly considering the improvements they bring.  The try before you buy approach also makes the decision easier, although the likelihood of return is, I think, quite small.

 Thanks again to Mark and yourself for the good advice and excellent products !




Hi Mark and Jan,

As promised a long time ago, some feedback regarding your new high
current HCX power cable.
I was originally was intending buying a second cryo reference cable,
for my amp having used the first on my cd player.
Now as you saw from the first email, the cryo reference is a
spectacular cable, revealing detail and handling transients with ease.
I had to ask myself whether this cable would be bettered? I borrowed
another cryo reference to compare against a high current x. I tested
reference and high current x in various combinations. I came to the
conclusion that the High Current X is definetely suited to the amp
amplication. The Reference is NO  way a inferior cable, it does a
superb job of lower current applications. It doesn't do a bad job with
an amp. As it says on the tin, the High Current X is designed for amp
use and is superb. It is the big brother to the Reference, having all
the same traits...but even more so! Transients are handled extremely
well, giving a great sense of space, clarity and detail. The
combination of Reference and High Current HCX are a marriage made in
heaven. Well worth borrowing one for a trial..You may end up being
pursuaded by sonic ability to buy one like I did! Go ahead and enjoy!


Hi Mark,
Following our recent conversation, I promised you some feedback.
I decided to try your Link Cryo reference cable against my voodoo pure silver mains leads. I didn't think at this stage I could get any more detail out of my system....how wrong I was.
I auditioned the cable intially and thought things were fairly close. Given about 30 mins, your cable started to give a wider soundstage, more detail and more solid sound. To cut a long story short, after a week I purchased the same cable from you which came within 4 days-fantastic service!
Carry on doing what you do and that you're so passionate about (don't become greedy and corporate). Fantastic range of products. Do you do half metres of the above cable? Let me know I'm sure I'll be back for some more products soon.
Many Thanks
Chris Dixon.



19-2-10 Hello Mark and Jan,

Replaced my Chord Chameleon Silver Plus ( What Hi Fi 5 star product) with the Alaqueia. Best £99 upgrade I have spent.
Results are brilliant. More detailed, clearer and altogether better sound. Beats the Chord hands down. Really pleased with it.
 Got the Alaqeia between my Quad CDP2 and power amp now. Also tried it on my Rega headphone amp where I have relegated the Chord to.
Again the results were the same. In a differant league to the Chord. Will be calling you soon to discuss my next possible upgrade............Power cables???
 All the best,
 Paul Godfrey.


Dear Jan,
The cables are fantastic. I think its the first time in fifty years of Hi-Fi interest that I have heard such a significant improvement in sound with a single upgrade. Great work. Many thanks.
I am now wondering about the Meriidian  active speakers DSP 5000 (two) connection to the G91A CD player. I guess the leads supplied with the combination three years ago are those usually supplied by Meridian. There are control leads for the master speaker to talk to the slave but perhaps their quality is not vital for sound. Any ideas would be considered. I have not asked Meridian for their view.
Best regards,
Robert Woodward


Hi Jan,

Thank you for the follow up. I am extremely impressed with the performance of the cables and am working my way through my cd collection all over again!

I wanted to introduce the new components in stages and so initially just replaced my mains block and the two power leads to my mono-bloc amps with the Supplier and two Orbits. I was stunned at the difference and improvement that this made to the dynamics and openness of my system. (I have never experimented with changing mains leads etc before so didn’t really know what to expect).

I then added the Alaqeia and Binary Star, A/Bing at each stage with my existing cables and again the improvements to dynamics, spaciousness and resolution were significant. Initially I felt that the bass was a little recessed however a bit more listening confirmed that what I thought was missing was actually a woolly colouration that has disappeared to leave a fantastic tight and detailed bass.

I work in the audio technology business (I head the acoustic team for NXT) and as a physicist I like the ML’s no nonsense approach to design. I have to admit to being sceptical about the cryogenic treatment of cables and have never done an A/B on a cryo vs non-cryo cable but as you can see from my comments above I am very pleased with the performance nonetheless, and am happy to park that experiment for sometime in the future.

Apologies for the rambling review above, but once I’d started to describe my impressions I could only do the effect of your cables justice with some details.

Next step will very likely be some of your mains leads for my dac and transport (and then a look at my speaker cables…) – but I’ll have to wait a wee while to avoid upsetting my bank account.

Thank you for the great service and superb products.

Best regards,




Jan, I'm sorry I haven't been in touch earlier, but I'd like to confirm

that I wish to purchase the 1.5m Binary Star digital cable and Silver
Silence shunt filter that I received a couple of weeks ago. Please
charge them to the card which covered the delivery charge. I initially
thought the Silver Silence was only a so-so product--it made a positive
difference, but not as much as I had hoped. This was when I had it
plugged into the mains wall socket next to the one feeding my hifi
system. About a week ago, I tried the experiment of plugging it
directly into the 6-way Belkin surge protector that I've been using on
a temporary basis (my old Supplier 6 has been in storage for the last
year--I hope to get it out again this weekend). This brought a massive
improvement and proved that this is a really excellent product when
used in this manner.
Paul Hammer


Dear M
Subject: RE: Re-termination of Nordost Shiva and Vishnu cables

Just wanted to thank you for an extremely efficient and highly professional re-termination service.  Despite the Postal strike, my cables arrived back at 07.10 on Saturday morning - within the 10 working day turnaround you estimated!

I am very happy with the cables and grateful for your helpful discussions.  I look forward to doing further business with The Missing Link.
With kind regards,
Dr Michael Gammage,


Subject: link cryo reference cables

hi Jan. just a short and belated thanks to you and mark, with regards to the Cryo reference cables you supplied to me some weeks ago. to say i'm pleased would be an understement. I never thought my modest little Naim cd5i could sound so good, and as the unit was out of warranty, was inspired to go one step further by having it modified with a trichord clock 4 and never connected psu.I could waffle on about the obvious improvements in bass, treble and soundstage, but what brings about the most enjoyment is the degree of intent that can be gleaned from so much music. the cables unlocked the potential in the player, and in doing so saved me a very large sum of money replacing the entire unit. the Naim with it's new cables are staying for the foreseeable. thanks again to you both. best wishes. frank bush 


Dear Jan and Mark,
Picked up the cables and distributor yesterday and got them installed!!
I was blown away by the impact it had on my system!!!  A much more harmonic, three-dimensional and clear sound-image which couldn't stop me from listening until late after midnight!.  I did not realize mains cables could make such a tremendous difference........
Also, I appreciated the nice packaging of the items.
Thanks again for great service, help and -not in the least - excellent products.
I'll be saving up to ensure gradual replacement of the power-amp cords as well...
Will speak to you again shortly,
With best regards,
Vallentuna, Sweden

Dear Jan:
Many thanks for the loan; I've heard enough to decide that the Link Cryo cable is the best I've heard yet.
To save money, however, I'll send the loaned-cables back and buy the Cryo 1/2- metre kit.
Both these cables are superior in all departments compared to the Wireworld Oasis I use at present. I was surprised at how close the Alaqeia cable sounds to the Cryo one in my system; which may mean that I'm at the limit of my system's ability. But the extra refinement and detail, and even smoother upper-midrange (often a problem with digital playback I find) swung things the Cryo's way. I listen, only, to classical music, and this is now the nearest my hi-fi has approached to that elusive concert-hall quality of timbre, body and space.
Many thanks, indeed, for all your hard work. If there's any justice in work, the future should be rosy.
Very best regards,
Jeff Waters.


Dear Jan and Mark,

Last time I wrote, I had not “heard” the number of prime Missing Link improvements made recently to my system because of a faulty Dynavector phono stage that has recently been repaired. Ironically, since we last spoke when you confirmed that a valve pre-amplifier would be likely to work well in my system, I have become a delighted Croft “Vita” valve pre-amplifier owner, that includes a great sounding integral valve phono stage.

I have been thrilled with the much more natural, airy, less grating, and much less wearying sound especially with voice, reeds, strings and general mid-band than experienced with my transistor pre-amplifier (Linn Kolektor).  

This last change is all the more real and enjoyable, being in sympathy with the many Missing Link upgrades I have made with your advice over the past two years. These being a Log Rythmn Mk II arm cable, Two Cryo Reference interconnects between my phono stage and pre-amplifier and pre-amplifier to power amplifiers, Orbit S and Opus F mains cables and supplier 6 distribution bar.  The sum of which now means that I am listening to my records again with the greatest pleasure ever, marvelling at the open, effervescent atmospherics encapsulated in vinyl. I am now hearing the quality of the Missing Link inter-connects, in a reciprocal relation to the special quality, I now realise, of great valve pre-amplification. This ensemble has been significantly further optimised by your recommendations for other items. These last being Net Audio Mono blocking of two Quad 303’s with some of your cabling, and the Advance mains isolation transformer, that I know you had a hand in developing. I am very grateful to you for these and all your other explanations and recommendations.

Other equipment:
Late model Linn LP12, Ittok arm, Origin Live DC motor drive, Dynavector DV20X high output MC cartridge, Croft Vita Valve pre-amplifier, Monoblocked Quad 303 power amplifiers, B+W Nautilus 805 speakers, Missing Link Log Rythmn arm cable, Cryo Reference inter-connects and power cables, with front end powered by an Isolation transformer from Advance.

With all good wishes

P a u l   F i n e b e r g    D i p l.(UCL) / M.A r c h (Princeton)
A r c h i t e c t + D e s i g n e r:          E n v i r o n m e n t s

Dear Mark,
I thought that I'd write to let you know how delighted I am with the results obtained using your cryo-treated pure silver Teflon RCA leads.  and the sound is simply sensational; open and detailed with a full, well controlled bass. Unlike some other pure silver leads there is no trace of harshness in the upper registers, and the mid-range is beautifully transparent without being overly forward. Quite an achievement.
The leads replaced my Merlin Chopins and are, quite simply, an order of magnitude better. I wouldn't have believed the difference and have now ended my (long) search for an affordable high-end solution.
Keep up the good work!

Simon N Stockley

Director, Full Time MBA

Simon N Stockley


Hi Mark,
Just to let you know......
A dealer visited with a couple preamps last Friday to try between my Elgar+ and ATC 100 actives. He also brought a pair of 1m Valhalla interconnects. Valhalla.... remember them. Best thing since up quarks, according to some. You know what's coming don't you?
Yep. Your skinny dippy stringy thingies wiped the floor with the 2Ks worth of  ******* 
Actually it was a damned close run thing. But the Brits just pipped the  swedes/nords/whatever on transparency.
Bet you didn't know that.
Contact you on mains wiring in due course.
Julian Musgrave
PS - you'll have to look up what I bought. Balanced somethingorothers.  ( Julian's Balanced cables are Alaqeia )


Dear Mark and Jan,

I am delighted with the new cables.

Since connecting my Dynavector P 75 phono pre-amp via your Cryo Reference cable to my pre-ampwith the special 30cm Log Rhythm arm cable from my LP12, I have enjoyed a transformation in sound (partly related to beginning

 use a new phono stage).

Music has considerably expanded, seemingly floating spatially side to side and front to back (B+W 805’s). Sounding much less confined, it is still more commanding by virtue of remarkably enhanced clarity and definition of instrument sounds, calm control of sibilance or upper register frequencies, making formerly trying, high energy records, 

a pleasure to listen to (certain classical recordings) with a seemingly extended and better defined bass. 

 What’s left to say ?

Thank you for developing your special arm cable for me. The black Cryo Reference cable feels very special.


Hi Mark,

 Firstly I'd like to thank you for making such wonderful cables! With my relatively modest system I never dreamed that such an improvement in sound could be attained.
Thanks to your power cables and interconnects I am bowled over every time I listen to my collection. I won't bore you with details- you've no doubt heard it all before!
I'm just thrilled to hear so much more and get so much more emotion and pleasure from the music.
Many thanks again,  feel free to use the above in your testimonial page.
Michael Lindsay


Hi Mark.
Thank you for changing my hi-fi sound beyond what I thought possible! The Cryo speaker cables and Binary Dark Star dig interconnect are simply brilliant  - a revelation. I have had a technical expert helping me with a transport issue, and he drooled over them  -  he (much less I) had never seen & heard anything quite like what they delivered. Take a bow!
Splendid work.
Derek Whelan'

Last weekend we both noticed that the picture quality on the Pioneer plasma has risen to new levels of gob smacking quality although its a HD Def screen we do not have a HD feed.  Even the normal TV picture has much greater depth of field and the picture dynamics are rock solid.  The DVD player is a Denon which up scales the picture.  I can only assume that the Reference supplier has 'burnt in' as you know we only get the chance to use the DVD and Stereo at the weekends as we work away from home during the week.  We are now going through our DVD collection yet again to get yet more enjoyment out of our collection.  If the The Reference Suppliers (I have one for the Stereo and one for the Surround sound system) were taken away from me I would probably take up a different hobby they make that much of a difference.



Hi Jan

The cables arrived safely this morning :- I wasted no time in setting everything up, and must say I'm absolutely delighted with the sound of the audio system ... and especially the contribution of your superb quality cables.

I can't describe how much clearer and cleaner the system sounds since I added your interconnects, speaker and mains cables ... but suffice to say that having planned to only sit down and listen to a couple of test tracks, my wife and I have just lost ourselves for several hours rediscovering some of our favourite music. That probably illustrates the impact the cables have made more eloquently than I can describe  !

Thanks very much for turning around my order so quickly, and pass on my best regards to Mark

all the wishes

Dear Missing Link

 Thought I’d drop a line to say thanks for the interconnect.  Not having anywhere near the wealth of experience some of your other contributors have, I wouldn’t be that confident to make comparisons between HiFi equipment and especially interconnects. Still, I thought I should try what I’d spent my money on and compare it with something else.  I tried your “Copper Mine” interconnect against a Van Den Hull interconnect that cost more and is a consistent award winner in the budget Hi Fi press.  Although it was an unequal contest with the VDH being burned in while the Coppermine was fresh from the Post office, the results were significant.  There was an appreciable step up in sound quality, detail everything.  So well done, it was money well spent.   I think I’ll be bothering you for an Alaqeia in the not too distant future.  Many thanks

Patrick Gallagher



Jan I trust my supplier 4 and 6 blocks are coming along!

I was able to borrow Howard's (Lympstone near Exmouth) 4 way block.  Plugging a 43 inch Pioneer plasma a Denon 2910 DVD player and a Yamaha RDV2500 amp was a revelation.  I had to return the block on Sunday morning so as we had the week off (and fortunately the weather was not that great!) so we could watch a few films especially clips from our long standing favourites.  The picture and sound delivery is stunning.  Howard and I decided that you could sum up what the Supplier reference does in one word 'Pure' we could not think of anything else.  We are very much looking forward to getting the blocks.


Hi Jan, hi Mark,
I received the cable. Many thanks for the upgrade, I really appreciate
Right away, your cable sounded noticeably better than my previous
interconnect: deeper bass, more detail, fuller soundstage, a feeling of
directness, and smoother highs. I am very happy so far.
Thanks a lot!
I will be sure to recommend your services if the occasion arises.
All the best,
Jerome Sabbagh  (tenor saxophonist)   http://www.jeromesabbagh.com/home.php



Hi Mark

I've received my silver surfer and speaker cables and very impressive they've
been too. Liz and I were listening to Bonnie Raitt with Sippie Wallace and
we both laughed at Sippies "wicked laugh", we were so aware of this old woman's
character in her voice which was not apparent before.
Keep up the good work




 Thanks for the loan of "The Orbit" Mains cable for my power amp and "Supplier 6" mains distribution for the source components. I didn't need the 14 days approval- not 14 hours just 14 minutes to realise after A-B comparison with the supplied mains lead to realize how much better your product was The power amp ( Bryston 6B SST  300 watts x 3) sounded slightly more dynamic but much smoother- especially the treble. The DIY Store 6 way distribution block was then replaced with your "Supplier 6".This took no more than 14 seconds to prove its superiority! No point in A-B comparisons, the difference was plain to hear. Better dynamics, smother delivery and a quieter background. As a result the detail improved along with the soundstage. Even my 11 year old son noticed. I played a blind A-B test game with him and each time with both the mains lead and the supply block he correctly identified your products as superior. What's more he described WHY it was better.
I thoroughly recommend these products and feel they offer excellent value for money. I will be placing an order for additional cables to connect my source components to the Supplier 6.
 Neil Williams 


Thanks for your e mail over the weekend and your advice about your Cryo Reference Interconnect.  It was very good advice!
The pair Jan sent me today work really well.  Actually it isn't just the bass that has been extended, significant as that is.  Apart from that and the detail they provide the cables have given the music a directness and more relaxed and natural performance right across the board.  It is very impressive effect, and most enjoyable, adding considerably to the overall musicality of the system.
Thanks again, and thanks too to Jan for sending it so quickly


Supplier 6 customer feedback

I've just got a new hi-fi system for £140.
No flashing lights, no ³sound enhancement² buttons, and I don¹t think any of
it was made in China.
It has a modest output - 25 watts a channel - gets radio, plays CDs, has
headphone capability - even copes with those flat black things called LPs.
And oddly enough it¹s a lot like my previous hi-fi, but it sounds very
different - greater definition, a lower noise floor and as I write I can
hear the sustain pedal shimmer in Keith Jarrett¹s Koln concert CD.
It¹s a lot like my previous hi-fi because I haven¹t bought any new
equipment, I simply changed my Living Voice mains extension blocks to
Missing Link Supplier 6 blocks.
I remember the last time I did a mains block upgrade; I was astounded that
something as prosaic as a mains lead could make such a difference to
something as delicate as a musical note. But when you think about what a
hi-fi system does, it¹s very logical.
All it does is modulate the mains into a reproduction of the musical signal
fed into it; we spend much time agonising about the signal sources, but
usually very little about the other half of the equation, yet that is just
as important.
That¹s why Mark Sears spends such effort in selecting the components of his
mains leads, blocks and conditioners and such care in their assembly.
Before my purchase I had the opportunity to have a long conversation with
him and see the workshop where Missing Link leads are prepared.
He does all his own work because so far no one else has shown the same level
of care and dedication that he considers essential; hot-melt gluing screws
so they can¹t work loose, polishing fuses before insertion and crimping them
into place to give gas-tight seals - and that¹s just the mains leads, god
knows what he does to the signal interconnects!
No bullshit though, just high quality materials assembled with love and
backed by a comprehensive electrical and musical background that underpins
it all.
I could go on, but you'd rather hear about the music - and I'd rather go
back to the music and listen to what is a new, improved and more high
fidelity experience.
All for £140.
Audio Innovations L2 (Art Audio modified)
Audio Innovations P2 (Border Patrol upgrade)
Audio Innovations 800 Anniversary with Border Patrol MB PSU and internal
Naim NAT 01 tuner
Micromega Drive 2
Cambridge Audio DAC 3 (Stan Curtis vintage)
Voyd 3-motor with reference bearing/platter, SME V, Music Maker cartridge
Living Voice OBX-R2 speakers
Stax Gamma headphones
Kimber and Living Voice mains cables
Kimber Select, KCAG, Silverstreak and other silver i/cs, Kimber AGDL digital
Kimber 8TC shotgunned bi-wire speaker cable
Sound Organisation stands with Cetech AV shelves and isolation platforms.
Unexpected benefit: moving my Living Voice mains block to my AV rig improved
the TV picture! (wonder what it¹ll do for the computerŠ)

Simon Linton


Mark, received the Log-Rythm cable OK and here are my findings.

First a bit of history,earlier this year I decided to purchase a new CD player,after trying out the Audio Aero and several others, decided on the ARC CD3 mk 2 as this gave the most natural,"anologue" sound the others somehow sounded too processed, also purchased the PH5 phono stage as well.
After a few months, decided my Clearaudio champion level 2 was now lacking behind and this prompted me on a new TT search, well this resulted in the purchase of the VPI Super Scoutmaster, but it wouldn't work with red dawn ic's, unscreened,too much hum !!
During the 2-3 weeks before I received your lead, had to make do with a >25 year old Randall Research lead as that was all I had,even this sounded better than the old TT.
However, after installing your lead,so many things became more apparent, the Helikon sounds so much more open with the VTA raised a few degrees and it is so much easier to fine tune the arm and cartridge with this lead, don't ever let anyone tell you VTA doesn't affect the sound, the beauty of the JMW arm of being able to adjust whilst playing a record dispells this myth entirely.
I would highly recommend the VPI decks as they are so well thought out and user friendly, but your cable is "The missing link".
Graham Oakley.



To Mark and Janet,

Received cables back on Saturday from the post office.
You should place an ad in the press heading:
'The Missing Link to Naim Nirvana' as the weak Naim traits like Dry Bass, Thinnish Vocals and lack of body in instruments along with a slight tizzy and confused top end all disappear. It has grown up with a stronger more refined sound, something that costs lots using the conventional Naim route ? ie right at the top end. Would you dare contact Naim about this as see if there is a business opportunity for your cables?


Well Done, yours Gareth Griffith



Hello Jan &  Mark,
Cables and supplier have arrived safely.
Sincere thank to you all for for the service and advice.
As mentioned when ordering, I'm not an anorak when it comes to hi-fi, I just
enjoy music and it's reproduction. The results of introducing your cables
have been highly complimentary to system performance, albeit I just have
plugged them in, they are already performing as Mark offered they would.
I use Meridian 5 series equipment with only CD and Pre-amp on the front end
with two 557 Power Amps set in bridged mono sat behind Dynaudio 3 Contour
loudspeakers with very short .5m length cables. Intercons are balanced Chord
5m in length throughout. Standard out the box power cables.
The results of including the Orbit and the Opus F have been to make "the
system" much quieter and more controlled,  music is cleaner , image has
greater focus ,dynamics /depth are far greater. Sounds very good and
immediate. A really worthwhile and beneficial upgrade without getting too
much into the science of hi-fi cliché'
Thank you again.
Kindest Regards and continuing success.



Hallo mark just like to say 'over the moon'  with orbit mains cable and right from the start was evident this lead was here to stay unlike just about any other change of equipment leads or otherwise there was none of that is it or isnt it better taking off putting back, great product- no doubt ill be back, very best regards Kevin Freshwater.  



Thanks for sending the 3rd supplier six which came the other day.
I just wanted to say thanks as the difference compared to the cheap mains blocks I was using is amazing.  I put the first on the power amps and got an immediate improvement to clarity, detail and the overall sound - I heard things I had not heard before.  The second I put on the front end DVD, CD, LP, pre-amp etc and again immediate improvement in the sound, just more and better detail.  The third I put on the Plasma, its media box, DVD recorder and powered aerial and got an immediate improvement to the picture, it was slightly sharper and better colour.
I would recommend them to anyone wanting a relatively cheap upgrade to their hi-fi or home cinema system.
I don't normally believe alot of the reviews in the hi-fi mags that I subscribe to, but I am glad I followed up on the one in Hi-Fi World.
All the best for the future,
Kind regards


Hi Mark and Jan

 The Reference Supplier:  A Peach.   At present I have one DSP5500
speaker on each double socket, and the extra clarity, depth, detail and
control is immediately apparent.  The level of emotional involvement with
the music really seems to have leapt through the roof.  Near to tears with
track 18 of the Howard Shore "Return of the King" soundtrack, as our heroes
leave for the Grey Havens.   Stacey Kent (The Collection) sounds all the
more seductively intimate, and the extra image depth and clean bass
extension on Tangerine Dream's "Mars Polaris" is a joy.   What's curious is
that these speakers have a tendency to sound bass heavy without careful
placement, and I would have expected the Reference Supplier to possibly
exacerbate the problem by enhancing the quality of power supplied to the on
board amps.  Not so...the sounds seems tighter and more precise with better

Best Regards George



First Enthusiastic Feedback from our cryottoneCryogenic treatment process for existing audio cables

Subject: Cryogenised Merlin Vivaldi interconnect.

 Dear all,   A mere thirty five quid to transform a £250 set of cables !!!   BARGAIN OR WHAT?. I’ve lived with them for just about a fortnight and the floor of my listening room is strewn with cd’s. The improvement is awesome and I’m now looking for a machine that will play all of my discs at once- And the ability to hear them all at the same time.  A massive

  thank you.  DIOLCH YN FAWR  DER.(EK) PAYNE


Hi Mark,  What with everything going on here, I owe you an apology.  After following all your very helpful words and directions, my “Power Upgrade” went as smooth as liquid chocolate. The end result was a very un-dramatic Silence. Thanks mate “Great products great people.




Just wanted to say thanks for the cable and plugs you sent to me this week.
They have improved the overall sonic qualities of my system no end, and one
of the best upgrades I have made.
I will be recommending you to my friends.
Ben Drummond



 A possible entry for your testimonials page.
I have obtained a large improvement in sound quality from changing
my interconnects (Pre to Power and CD to Pre) to two runs of Silver
Surfer for each channel.  My existing interconnect is Red Jaspis 212,
a Swedish cable of quality made with 99.997% silver plated OFC and a triple
screen.  This Red Jaspis cable has outperformed a number of other cables
I have tried.  I have already tried single runs of the Silver Surfer and these
approach the quality of output of my Swedish cable i.e. they are very good,
but I have observed that increases in Bass definition and overall clarity of sound
can be had by using two runs together.  To get the full benefit of this, twist the
cables round each other to form a twisted pair and use one wire core as the signal
and use the other as the return.  The clever bit is then to connect both shields at the
source end only to each other and then solder to the return point on the connector.
I twisted my cables round each other a number of times while not twisting too tight to put any
strain on the cable.  As Silver Surfer is small in diameter it is not difficult to
get two cables into each connector.  The results from using this cabling is an easily
heard improvement in bass response with good clear treble.  I feel that these cables
perform better in all respects to my existing cables and it is possible to produce a metre
pair including basic Neutrik connectors for under £20.  For anyone who wants to
go that extra bit further for an appreciable DIY improvement I would recommend they
give this a try.
John Robinson



Dear Mark and Jan,
many thanks for the interconnects, there is definitely an improvement. I have just done a comparison test with a pair of Linn silver interconnects from my pre amp {pretek} to my power amp {LK100},there is more detail and focus .I could have six sets of silver surfers for one set of Linn, Remarkable value for money,
As Arnold said:Ille be back,
best wishes Dave Andrews


Mark / Jan
If this message follows the other testimonials then I would like to say a
big thank you to those who have previously sent messages.  I had made my
mind up to put in my first order after reading the first few.  If you have
read this far and you are still undecided you should re-read those who have
made comparisons with other more expensive cables and stop dithering and
make an order - you will not be disappointed!
This is my storey.  Many years ago (and I am talking along time ago) I used
bell wire as speaker cable, I know, it is brave of me to admit it.  One day
I read that the cross-sectional area of the cable is important - put simply
the thicker it is the better. This did work because I had about a million
meters of this stuff wedged behind each speaker - enough to cut it in half
and double up the run from the amp to the speakers.  This was in the days
before bi-wire.  It did improved things.
My more recent exploits into DIY hifi improvements took place about 18
months ago, by the way I now use decent speaker cable.  A friend of mine who
has a much better set up than mine has bought expensive Nordost mains cables
which did improve things but for the cost he could have had a couple of
weeks in the Canary Islands and bought Marks cables and got the improvements
in sound!
Driving home one day I thought - power is everything and the better quality
of copper in the mains supply the better the sound and TV picture.  I took
my B&Q mains blocks for the stereo and surround system and re-wired them
using a quality bi-wire speaker cable that was now surplus due to an
upgrade.  I had to butt the two strands of each bi-wire outside the mains
plug before being able to squeeze enough cable into the plug terminals,
insert an earth lead and wrap the whole lot up with kitchen foil to reduce
RF (wishful thinking on my part) and finish in silver carpet tape (don't try
this at home!).  They looked like umbilical cords for a spacesuit.  The
stereo sounded better and more noticeably the TV picture from the DVD was
much improved as well as more depth to the sound.  Another trick is to put
something heavy on top of the DVD player - this also helps with all aspects
of picture definition.
Earlier this year I changed my old stereo amps for a LINN pre/power combo
and a Naim CDi5 which is now all linked up to Quad 12Ls speakers.  Not
wishing to spoil the ship....I bought some Supra mains cables in kit form.
Not an once of silver in sight but they did improve the sound.  I then
discovered Marks site and was able to make an excuse to move the Supra
cables to other duties (keeps the wife happy) and order new mains blocks,
wall sockets, plugs and cable to make the distribution blocks.  I did this
over a number of orders so there was something to look forward to when I got
home.  I also bought two OPUS Fs for the pre-amp and the CD player.  It has
now had time to burn in and WOW the system delivers a superb sound stage.  I
now listen to tracks that I thought I new well and can follow all kinds of
things with much more ease such as backing singers, bass lines, percussion
etc, in fact there are things coming through that I have never heard before.
Detail, space depth - its all been said in the other testimonials.
I also re-wired the mains supply leads for the AV amp, DVD player and TV and
on Marks advice fitted a ferrite core to the TV mains lead.  If I had
listened to the surround system blindfold (bit difficult to evaluate the TV
picture though!) before and after I would have said that everything has been
upgraded with new kit, from the telly to the surround amp and speakers - I
have the version 1 KEF eggs and a Marrantz budget AV amp.  Movie watching is
now a much more look forward to experience.
My home made attempts made and improvement but the real satisfaction came
using Mark's products as they produced a much better overall improvement and
they look the part as well.  It is amazing what you can do to upgrade all of
this kit for very little outlay using Marks wide range of products compared
to replacing any one of the components Marks products are simply stunning.
Every now and then I look behind the stereo at my OPUS F filter cables
coming out of my Missing Link supply block with silver plated plugs feeding
lots of clean juicy current to the stereo and say hi my little beauties,
then I sit back and enjoy the music and feel quite smug that this has been
money very well spent.
Thanks to the Missing Link people.
Best wishes
Mike Acred.




Thanks for the listening pleasure my LP collection gave me after the fitting of your cable; it would take to long to describe all the plus points but Sade, Talk Talk and the rest of my collection are very happy. On another note I am in the process of buying a new CD Player to replace my Marantz KI 6000, so will be looking to upgrade my Russ Andrews Silver Streak interconnect in the near future.




Now that I've turned the cables the right way around, I really CAN hear
a difference!
I'm sorry if it sounds like I doubted you. Not at all! It's just I really
wasn't expecting, with my much vaunted speakers, to hear much improvement.
After all, the cable I replaced was no slouch ((so I thought) ,an Audioquest
Topaz 2 with hyperlitz construction and PTFE insulation). How wrong I was.
I thought that the improved transparency, of your cable, would make my forward
treble, even more so. No! It's actually a bit smoother and easier on the
ear. Whilst there's definitely a more solid and realistic image in front
of me. Oh! And the
words 'more solid' can also be applied to the bass!
Thank you Mark and team, I am indeed impressed.
Best regards,



Hi Mark, thanks for the cable, 
initial thoughts are i had 5 minutes to plug and play and it appears to have given 25% more detail in the image. Nemo has a lot more clear floating bits in the water than before. 
Obviously I need to re calibrate the projector as you suggest i should get better colour and contrast but that a 4 hour epic so not for this week.
i will give you a better description once i have played a little more but first impressions are 25% improvement as feed back. 
I am starting to play with building a Home Cinema PC and will eventually need a new projector so let everyone know when you start doing HDMI/DVI cables. 
kind regards, as ever  tony



I installed the cable between the wall and the Naim CDX in place of the Campaign Audio Design Conqueror~mi.  The immediate difference was one of increased resolution, but apparently lesser impact.  But, the feeling of less impact quickly disappeared as after 10-15 mins the impact was everything I could wish for.  The level of increased resolution was as significant as a prior change of CD player, from Micromega Stage 6 to the Naim CDX.  I would have been happy to play music all night, and can only assume that the cable will improve over the few days.

 I was afraid that using another cable might be a problem,  Naim Audio are insistent on the fact that there cables are optimum.  It's true that for mains I wasn't using their cables but the question still nagged.  I think the Opus F is brilliant with the Naim CDX and all the Naim timing virtues are in place with a level of finesse that, I'm sure, many will find surprising.

 Can't wait to get the rest of the rig wired with 'The Missing Link'.

Peter Stockwell


Hi mark

just thought i would drop you a line and tell you about the Orbit lead i
bought (kit form with hospital plug)
Fantastic! all the reviews for my Shanling player said "do not even think of
replacing the Shanling power cord as it is one of the best he had heard
regardless of price)
and it does sound and look very good. But i tried yours and the difference
was crystal clear! i am a sting fan but the sibilance that is on his discs
is really annoying at times.  i hear it on all my friends and brothers
systems.  I always use it to demo and it annoys the hell out of dealers to!
the esses now sound like esses not like nails on a blackboard, im so
thrilled. Thank you again.
When my system is fully run in i will write another review for your web page
and once again sing your praises.
What is the chances of getting a 5m pair of speaker cables for demo? What do
i have to do to book this and what would you recommend for my now "higher
end system"



I've been enjoying Hi-Fi for more years than I care to remember, and
have always had to build my system on a tight budget. As a result I
don't have time for the usual Hi-Fi hyperbole - you know the sort of
thing - "adding 5gm of white-tak to the 15g of blu-tak under the
loudspeakers introduces hitherto unknown detail in the music". Anyway,
in my search for a good quality, good value interconnect to replace my
now too short one I found "The Missing Link". I was immediately
impressed by the no-nonsense approach - so I fired off an e-mail. To my
delight I received a prompt reply and ordered my 1.0m Silver Surfer Kit
for £25 (my first ever kit interconnect). Now this just keeps getting
better - I spoke to Jan to check that the order was alright only to be
told "It's already in the post". So then the cable arrived with very
clear instructions (I made sure I put the plug covers on BEFORE soldering
the wires) and I made up the cable. Next came the moment of truth...as I
said, I don't have time for Hi-Fi hyperbole I just know what I like, and
I like this cable! I know it still needs to run-in, but it already
sounds better than my 0.5m £50 Cambridge Audio Silver Spirit 40. What
can I say, twice the cable, 150% better sound, job satisfaction and half
the price. Correct me if I'm wrong but this is a win-win situation for
me. Keep up the good work. I'll let you know when I have the cash for
new speaker cable and an Alaqeia interconnect to run between my pre-amp
and power amps.
Dave Brooks


Hello Jan
Thanks very much for sending your reference mains cable for me to try.  It arrived yesterday. 
You have a terrific product here.  I have used it to replace a Russ Andrews reference to the amp, direct from the mains, and there is no comparison.  Your cable sounds really lovely.  There is, as you know of course, so much more to listen to.  The music is much more stylish and relaxed, the instruments are much more immediate, the sound stage has so much more depth.  I could go on!

Frank Blackler




the link kit is up & running. Very pleased with the amount of detail that the cable is revealing. The silver materials are giving a very clean, clear & crisp sound to the music, without the harshness you can get with some cables. l "had a session" late last night & ended up listening to Eric Clapton - "Me & Mr Johnson" - the guitar sounded great & the bass on some of the tracks was awesome, very full & rich, but controlled.
Glad l made the choice of the link kit.



Hi Mark

I can't compliment you enough on the Reference Power Cables.  As you know, I have been using them on the Meridian DSP6000 speakers for a couple of months now, and they made a significant upgrade from your own Orbits (which are excellent in themselves).  Most recently, I have found the new G98D and G68D player and processor from Meridian to be ultra detailed, extremely clear, but too hard in the upper midrange compared to the 602/518 combination I have used successfully for some time (with Opus-F cables).   I put a Ref Power Cable on the G68 processor which improved matters, but suspected the CD player of being the main cause of brightness.   I have just installed your Ref Power now on the G98 , and for the first time since I bought the kit,  am listening to MUSIC without wanting to jump on to the next track.  Where previously strings were bitingly hard, I'm hearing natural timbre to the sound.  The whole presentation is more natural and less contrived.   Just as I have found from the Orbits, Opus-F and Dark Art cables, you have produced another winner.  many thanks Mark!
Best regards



Hi Mark,
Well, I got impatient and couldn't wait until Saturday to listen to your
cable in the end.
I have to confess that I was biased against your cable prior to audition as
it is a "mere" silver plated copper lead.  I have a couple of pure silver
power cables on dem at the moment, both very good,  and I was expecting yours
to be seen off easily.
Ahem .... not quite the case.  I was FLOORED and ASTONISHED by the sound of
your cable.   On one particular CD, for example, the vocalists mumbled words
are suddenly completely intelligible - unheard of (literally) before now.  A
significantly more focused and better defined sound than anything I have
heard before.  Vast soundstage panorama & amazing detail.  As you may have
gathered by now, I like it - well, it suits me and my system anyway!
For your info, the cables I have owned and tried which the Link Ref easily
beats are Kimber Classic (hi current), LAT LA2, Synergistic Research Master
Coupler & TCI Super Constrictor - in order of improving sound.   Two other
cables which it is merely significantly superior to are pure silver ones by
small UK companies that I respect a lot and will refrain from naming (the
other guys are more "corporate" and can take any hit I can deliver without
losing too much sleep!).

Many thanks, looking forward to hearing from you.

Jerry Jacobs




Thanks again,

You have best customer service I have ever experienced

Joe Chip


Dear Mark,

Having received my order last week I have spent a few hours this weekend building cable and fitting sockets etc. Although they  haven't had chance to burn in yet, the results are seriously impressive!
I am extremely happy with the products & service and look forward to placing another order with you. I will also have no hesitation in recommending your company to friends.
Thanks again.
Ben Cliff



Hello Mark & Jan.

 I’ve now had chance to try out the mains cables you’ve lent me.  I am most impressed.  They seem very well made, and the effect on my system is surprising.  I’ve had to re-set the subwoofer levels as I suddenly have more bass, and the detail and clarity of sound has taken a step up.  Your Orbit is certainly the equal of a very expensive Nordost one I had on loan from a local dealer (that’s gone back and won’t be returning!) and clearly better than a Russ Andrews cable I already owned.



Hi, you people at The Missing Link.

As my main source I use Theta Transport and Dac with Unison Research Unico into Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage.

The Transport and Dac were purchased second hand and were minus power leads.  I tried various types and settled for a 'home made' and Isotek.  I found that the sound varied when I moved these around between these and the supplied lead with the Unico.  Although good it was never quite right to my ears. 

I tried the two Opus-7 leads and found things were better but (believe it or not) it was even better with an Opus in the Amplifier and the Isotek in the Dac.  Phoned Mark who advised suggested I use only Opus in the Transport and Dac and try an Orbit in the amplifier as it is designed for this use.  While I was on I asked to try a Power Block - previously used a Black Rhodium which cost 4 times the price.  Plugged everything in as suggested and BINGO.  It all came together.  I won't talk in Hi Fi terms like massive yet detailed soundstage as these terms are so subjective and don't always have anything to do with .....Music.  That is what we listen to isn't it?  I hate listening to 'high fidelity sound' i.e. cold, over detailed and ear pinning.  (Thinks) Really miss my Linn Sondek.  Now I think I am equal to that sound - the music flows, all detail is there but presented so naturally - I was really so excited after 40 odd years of buying Hi Fi.  I thought I'd go the whole hog and requested an unswitched power point from Mark (what's £10 in the scheme of things).  Yep, even better!!  Every album I play sounds just so right - wonderful ambience, re-creation of the recording venue (live IS live), and note decay is something I've never experienced before and the music (not sound, anymore) comes from inky blackness.

I cannot recommend these cables enough and at the price they are a steal.   Changing them all had a cumulative effect.  The only thing that I do not agree with you is they do get better on burning in.  In fact I've had them in for about 100 hours and I'm sure they are getting better each time I switch on - it may be wishful thinking now!!

Thank you giving me a new CD collection and even DAB radio and Minidisc sound much better.

May I wish you and your company the success you deserve.  Might even try your interconnects but I'm frightened they may beat my Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference.

Alan Brownstone



Hi Mark,
Received the Alaqeia cable on Friday( 30-01-04 ) and i must say i was very
impressed with the packaging.
First impressions are always looks and this little cable really looks the
part! with the eichmann bullet plugs and clear cable sheathing. Well done
10 out of 10 so far!
I listened to a few well recorded cd's that i know quite well ( Patricia
barber, Bonny prince Billy  and Damian Rice,) using my current set up i.e.
copland cda266 player, Linn Wakonda pre, Linn LK100 power amp feeding a new
pair of Spendor S6's using my tried and tested Kimber PBJ at cd and a Rega
Couple at the pre to power connections. As always the sound was very good
and just as usual, i then listened to a couple of disc's that (how can i
put this?) sound a bit harsh (Johnny Cash "The man comes around, & Dire
Straits Telegraph road ) when played loud and sure enough this was the case
as usual.
So the system is warmed and my ears are accustomed to the sound, time for
the test , i put the Alaqeia into the cd player and left the Rega in place
at the amps, i played the first 3 disc's again and i must admit there
wasn't a huge difference, but the background was slighty quieter. This was
fine by me a slight improvement over a fine sounding system is still an
improvement, but the cable was brand new and this was its first run, still
cold,as it were.
Then came the other 2 disc's  , WOW!!, what a differences, honestly! no
sign of sibilance and the black background was so quite it was deafening!
For the first time i could hear all that clangy guitar work and not wince
but actually hear each string as it was being struck. Mr. Cash has never
sounded so good to my ears anyway.
So on to The Dire straits track Telegraph road (remastered) this track just
has to be played loud! and it was, the difference was astounding,
background hiss was gone and the detail was all there but much clearer and
i could pump it up much more than i dared before with no sign of it getting
Ive listened to this cable for a day or so and have given it a good workout
and i am honestly over the moon. For a comparison i changed over again to
the Kimber and now even with the well recorded disc's the difference is
crystal clear.So to end Phew! Fantastic achievement for anyone let alone a
small company just starting. Good luck to you and all the very best wishes
for the future. I will be singing your praises to all who care to listen.
Thank you!
Yours very gratefully,
Ron Ferris




         Naim locking Din / Eichmann bullet Link Cryo 

        No need to wait until you cash my cheque  I have no intention of sending the cable back. So don't upset your cash flow on my account. It's  a demonstrable improvement over my Chord Cobra.

         Thanks Nick



The Full Monty

Hi Mark,

Much encouraged by your power leads sounding better than my existing Russ Andrews leads, I moved on to replace my entire Teac P30/Tag/Krell system with your cables with no regrets. This included Dark Art digital and Alaqeia pre/power leads that all sounded more expansive and detailed than my existing more expensive Tag Mc'laren F3 leads. I have always been impressed with Marks knowledge and attention to detail and can fully recommend the complete buying experience. All I hope now is that he can very quickly do the same with Mains Conditioning and we can finally have competition to Isotek.

Regards Richard Westcott. 





Thank you for your all round good service. 2 Balanced Alaqeia interconnects
and 2 Orbit Mains cables arrived this morning, next day delivery, not bad at
this time of year.
Cold, out of the box I noticed the difference immediately.
System more settled, more clarity, cleaner bass for a start, presumably
there is a burn in time as well so I feel I can relax and see how much
better it can get from here.
Nice quality and looks too.
All the best 

Stephen Davies 




Hi Mark

The Opus-F is an out and out winner!  Abundantly obvious improvement on the standard Meridian cable (which had got better anyway after I put one of your EPS-500 on it).   I'm hearing far better timbre and resolution to vocals and instruments, removal of a touch of glare in the upper-mid which had been present before installing this cable, and a deeper more natural soundstage.  The end result is considerably more musical.  I'd recommend anyone with decent kit to audition your mains cables...the Orbits and now the Opus-F have made a very worthwhile improvement to my system.  So....I'll take a 2m version as soon as you can build it, and move the loan cable from the transport onto the processor to try!

Best regards George


Silver Shimmer

Just a note to thank you for the speaker cables, not only is your service first rate but the cables are excellent.
Admittedly the cables I was using were old OFC QED bits with only basic bananas but what a difference
overall volume has increased by about 30 % and dynamics have exploded, with huge increase in bandwidth
but all much tighter and better controlled.
I can't wait to get the system home and set up, it's all at work at the moment where the wife can't see it !
I am glad I got you to make the cables they would not have looked so nice if I had done them.
For your info the system I am using at the moment is
Naim CDX - Sugden Headmaster - Parasound HCA 1500 or Sugden AU-41 - Ruark Sabres
However I am constructing a pair of speakers using the Manger drive unit with an active bass unit and  crossovers. The manger unit is in a spherical enclosure, solid hardwood ( Black Walnut and Maple ) I will send
you a picture when I've lacquered them.
Thanks once again
Ian Fitch

  Slingshot Loudspeaker Cable

Dear Mark 

I’ve now had the cables for several weeks and the difference is quite amazing.

 I was using N A C  5 & yours have much more clarity.

 Including a much wider sound stage.

 You are to be congratulated on designing such a good cable.


Denis Rafferty

wpe1.jpg (20401 bytes)

Opus-F Power leads  

Mark   ........  Got about thirty to forty hours on the three new Opus power cords for my Chord pre-amp, dac and Teac transport and just have to let you know that the hi-fi reached the goal over the weekend I have been looking for, for a very long time. The timing has improved to such an extent that the speakers now seem to disappear and artists are performing in front of me.

Additionally, the sound is just right to my ears, treble extended but no sibilance, vocals very natural and the voice small and focused between the speakers, bass is clean and deep, imaging and sound staging also excellent.

Let me say that the stereo had not attained this plateau before, and it is only with the addition of the three latest Missing Link power cords that has enabled my system to perform at it's present peak. I consider the Missing Link power cords an essential part of my hi-fi system.

I know from previous correspondence that you recommend approximately 150 hours to burn in the power cords so there may be a bit of extra performance to come but even now I am extremely satisfied with the improvements your power cords have brought to my system 

David Sheridan

Missing Link Alaqeia... Eichmann Bullets  

Very helpful, efficient and friendly service, and the cable gave an open elegant detailed sound. Would recommend!

 Nick ...... University of Stirling


AES/EBU-Dark Art

Tried the balanced digital interconnect. Initial impressions extremely favourable. Very close sonically to the Kimber Select cable I use.

Bass had slightly more weight, top end open but this should improve further. Detail retrieval excellent, sound staging and imaging again excellent. One area where there's room for improvement is when the music gets complex the sound got a little hard, again this may improve with burn in.

Not sure what you will be selling this cable for but it has to be a bargain when compared to the Kimber Select range.  


Opus power....

Hi Mark

I have to say your mains cables, do represent a fantastic bargain. Why don't you get a magazine or two to give them a go, i am sure you'd get positive feedback and good promotional value out of it.

The two I had off you at £30 each perform just as merrily as the Kimber Reference / Wattgate which cost me £130, if only i'd known you existed a year or so ago, i could have saved my self a tidy packet and done the who system for the same price.

You have provided my system with a much better, cleaner, clearer, sweeter top end, bass and mid don't seem that much different a tad improved maybe, but the whole sound gels better and the soundstage is big enough to go on holiday in. a considerable achievement considering £30 each.

regards Pete

EPS-500 - 13 amp plug

Hi Mark

Fitted plug to Russ Andrews power cord, not easy, very little room for large core cables, (maybe a larger bodied plug could be used in future, just an idea).Anyway the main thing is that my sound system sounds sweeter, not as hard. Still slight sibilance on Sky broadcasts. Might try one of your Interconnects. Fitted EPS500 to distribution block as suggested, to many plugs to replace all at once, wife would kill me.

Many thanks, Keep up the good work


Silver Surfer Kit

Hi Mark, well the cable is very sweet in sound and detailed, best cable i 

have used so far,                       THANKS  Ash .

Alaqeia....off the roll

After years of aspiring to the Kimber KCAG interconnect, I got one secondhand three weeks ago, I loved it.

I then made up a 'cheap' interconnect of Alaqeia cable plus Neutrik
phonos...which clearly sounded better...... bugger!!
I am crestfallen, gutted etc etc......Regards Mark

Silver Surfer ... off the roll

Hi Mark

 The cable came this morning I've made up one pair just standard center

core hot wire and shield for earth return even on first power up it sounds great loads of detail I played a couple of Mica Paris tracks from her So

Good album tonight I will give it some serious welly to start burning them in. Mick.


Hi Mark , Nice to hear from you. I'm very happy with the cable. Excellent value. I reckon it sounds as good as cables of at least 5 times the price.

One little thing, I could have done with slightly longer cable at the shield end to solder to the phonos. I had to strip a little more shield back in the end. This may have been due to my amateurish soldering technique though!

Still running them in. I wonder how they'll sound after your recommended running in period!

All the best. Eifion....    



leads received Friday.

Put them in the system today (Sat') & I'm very pleased.

Initial thoughts are that the detail has improved & the bass is a lot more taut.

I think the combination of your cable & the bullet plugs have/will make a difference.

I have some bullet plugs in another system with DNM Reason cable, they are an improvement on basic phono plugs.

How long do you reckon the pre/power lead will take to "burn in"?...Dave

Missing Link Alaqeia... Eichmann Bullets

hi just a message to say thanks for the delivery of my new interconnect

the Alaqeia with bullet plugs,I was a little doubtful that a cable so

affordable could do the job better than the interconnects I was using

costing 3 times as much, from a popular mail order company. but to my

amazement these interconnects are fantastic, giving me a lot more head room

in the treble, and taking away the boomy bass that I was suffering, I will

be putting in an order shortly for another set, can't wait to try the new

silver speaker cable, and would you recommend me to internally wire my

speakers with silver cable, wound it make a difference. equipment being

used, music fidelity A3-CD player- integrated amp & power amp with monitor

audio 8i speakers....thanks once again
Craig Sheffield

Alaqeia... basic termination

Mark   From initial listening, ie last 10 minutes cable sounds really promising.

Against my current pre - power cable when used as a connection between Meridian DAC and my pre amp it sounds considerable more detailed and controlled and thats without a burn in.

I think its not far behind my all silver MIT CD cable which was around £400 worth about 8 years ago !!

I will run it in and listed after a weeks use or so then decide if I want some longer runs.

Regards  Martin Doorbar

Alaqeia... basic termination..... Martins follow up

Hi Mark

After letting the interconnect run in over the last few weeks I have tried another comparison today.

Your cable is considerable better than the Roksan Isoda cable I currently use as pre-power link (tested as a link DAC to pre amp as I have a short piece of the Isoda). It is more open, better frequency extension / control, loads smoother but with considerable more detail too !!! Great result !!!

Now against my normal CD interconnect, a very expensive Siltech (not MIT as I thought before) solid silver cable with WTB plugs etc, I was given this cable but I think it was in the order of £400 about 8 years ago.................... I think yours is better, not by much but it is a little more open in the treble and less sibilant, and better bass control / weight. So mega result really for a £32 cable !!!!!!!!!!!

So now please can you quote me for........

1 meter interconnect cable with the top grade RCA plugs..

What do you have in speaker cable ????? I suspect you will shock me here too, I currently use Kimber cable 8TC, not poor speaker cable by a long way ??? Do you think yours is better ?????

Please quote me for a pair of cables with banana plugs (gold is you have them) which are 1.5 meter long, the best version of speaker cable you have.


Martin Doorbar

Alaqeia.....off the roll

Hi Mark,
Your Teflon silver cable are excellent stuff. Better than any copper interconnect I have tried in the past regardless of price !
It's extremely transparent,open,accurate, detail and cheap. I 'll be recommending your cables to all my friends. Hope you
have plenty more available to sell. Keep up with all the good work!


Slingshot Speaker Cable  18-4-2001

         Hi Mark,  Sorry I did not e-mail you last night I was to engrossed in this new speaker cable that came in the post, did you know it would outperform my LAT Silverfuse cables?  hope you don't mind but I had to put banana plugs on because I know when my mates come for a listen I will have to do an AB comparison so it's easier with plugs fitted, however I don't need one. I connected it up dinner time yesterday and left the cd on repeat so it had be going for about 5 hours when I sat down to listen, I use a Pat Methney cd to warm up the system it's a long recording but it's great quality lots of dynamic swings  acoustic gitars,strings brass e'tc I thought the cd had developed a fault, after a few replays I realized it was a dog sniffing! it's the sound track of a movie so there are loads of background detail people speaking, striking matches , most of wich were barely audible before, I played the cd all night because I'm more familiar with the sound played everything from Alabama 3 to Zappa, even had Maria in to listen to her reference J L Hooker and Philippa Giodarno tracks. There is just so much more detail could even hear Peter Green flicking the tone selector on his Les Paul(absolute bliss) I would say the only area the

LAT Silverfuse came close was bass extension but I would expect the Slingshot to get better in this department as it burns in, also think it's a good mach for the VDH fist ultimate interconnect.  

 Regards Mick Bradshaw

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many thanks to all who take time to contribute

Warmest Regards ...Mark & Jan



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