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Links to other websites forwarded by our customers.

 If you would like to see a link on this page music related or not feel free to let us know

 Making The World a better place in memory of my wonderful sister Lynn Sears





  An Aladdin's cave of common sense from an enthusiast with many year of experience.. I must admit to being a fan

Vintage Enthusiast site

The place to be for Lenco lovers and vinyl enthusiasts 

If you looking for a manual this is the place to start

A Genuinly Refreshing website for all music lovers take a look !

Got a damaged data disc CD music or DVD ? why not get it repaired great service

If you find yourself in Chicago and you love Vinyl this is the place to be

Great Free adds site with plenty of bargains 

Expression Listen carefully great site dedicated to the music lover a great read.

  Great place to find a second hand bargain

Small specialist valve amplifier company from Croatia well worth a look..

Meet like minded enthusiasts and pick up a bargain, a great day out !

Midland Audio Exchange this comes highly recommended from many of our customers friendly and professional service with good unbiased advice 01562 731100


UK Hi Fi Press

   A DIY paradise

  This one needs no introduction 

   Informative center of all that is good simply the best !

  Its all here.... News and reviews for those in favor... 

Enthusiast Sites

  A must for all analogue fans   

  Excellent enthusiasts site full of wonderful vintage gear at a good price's

   DIY designs, discussion and much more

    Hung up on DIY hi-fi?

Enthusiasts Site for both Marants & Philips CDP lots of good info well worth a look

Customers Web Sites




Customer & Friend... cool vibes

nickrussillphotography Great website

Great hobby site by Eamonn Sullivan -  Amsterdam

Jerome Sabbagh.... Like Jazz ? a truly talented young man !  Well worth  a look and a listen but be warned its easy to get hooked on his music....

Fascinating website from a true music lover.

SCARLET Graphics Ltd Design ideas for all seasons.

Organised by friends and playmates of Ray Shields.. Particularly Alan Prudhoe...

This is a must see website Collins truly stunning artwork captures some of the finest British wildlife   

   Central Birmingham & South West Midlands area, UK..  We all know what effect back and joint pain can have on the quality of life  

Not what you would call a home page but if you are into war games this is a must... with fantastic miniatures...


Lee Butler M BAcC

BSc (Hons) Traditional Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture

MSc Chinese Herbal Medicine 

Accredited Teacher in HE (SEDA)

Fellow of The Higher Education Academy

Member of The Acupuncture Fertility Network

Member of The British Acupuncture Council       Member of NHS Directory of Acupuncturists.     NHS provider code 8GG46.

: www.thevillageclinic.co.uk      leebutleracu@googlemail.com



Your home page here just send us the link....!

   British audio products of quality and distinction

  The best value british tone arms avaliable today a true labour of love....                                


Great British loudspeakers !

   Genuine Graham Slee non-conformist hand crafted "Hi-Fi" and professional studio equipment.

   Producers of the finest passives preamplifiers available and also the extremely musical DAX range.

        British hand built audio at its best

       A great British success story

          One of the great innovators of our era

        Makers of the tone arm by which  others are judged

  You really must see & hear this loudspeaker A true work of Art..!



    Lots of views and light hearted conversation I just wonder where they get the time....

   Every subject you can imagine and probably a few you have never heard of

   Time to get the soldering iron out again


A music lovers paradise, with excellent service and a great news letter

Looking for that hard to find second hand bargain...?

  All the lowdown 

  A must for the classical music lover

    so you've got the hardware...

  Simply some of the best recordings we have heard

  A gold mine for reference recordings

  Comprehensive list of secondhand specialists 



   If you are into DIY hi fi electronics & kits you would be well advised to pay this one a visit with everything from high speed rectifiers to turntable power supplies..

   David was a long term friend but has now sadly passed away i will leave this link as a mark of respect

    A must for all Naim owners..... I'll tune that Naim   in one...!


Artists  Pages

As used in our demo rooms. We never miss a chance to see this truly spellbinding singer song writer.

  Definitely one of our favourite artists... If you have never listened we strongly advise you give him a go... Al has entertained us for many years

   Just listen to the church organ on 'Going For The One' and you will understand

   A true generator of Emotion and atmosphere

            The title music to this page and also an old time favorite

What can we say.. one of the purest female vocals of our time...!

When Roger left Pink Floyd he went from strength to strength and is a true inspiration to all 

        The last of the true delta blues artists 

 I had the honor of working with Honeyboy many years ago and sharing a whisky...  


Search Engines

    Looking for a UK business...?


This page will be updated regularly please contact us with interesting websites

hi fi related or not


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