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We are Agents For hORNS / Exsitence / Magnific Acoustics & Quad Loudspeakers & offer a quality range of  loudspeakers from

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Quad Electrostatic Loudspeakers

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 The most accurate loudspeaker system available today

In 2000 Ken Kessler, a senior reviewer with HiFi News Magazine awarded the original QUAD ESL 57 the accolade of “Product of the Millennium”

QUAD’s New ESL 2805 and ESL2905 which have taken QUAD’s development of the electrostatic loudspeaker to greater heights.

2805 Always Available for demonstration by appointment

Comming soon 2812

QUAD ESL’s (Electrostatic Loudspeakers) are something of a legend in the history of world HiFi reproduction. They have played a pivotal role in the long term success of QUAD and have won praise through out the World for their sound reproduction.
QUAD Electrostatic loudspeakers are like no other electrostatic designs. Most loudspeakers use cone type drive units and coils moving in magnetic fields, an electrostatic loudspeaker is fundamentally different from these “dynamic” loudspeakers. The sound is not created by a cone, but by a very thin diaphragm, less than one-tenth the thickness of a human hair. QUAD ESL’s use the electrostatic principle first introduced in 1956. The ultra low mass diaphragm is coated with a conductive material and is stretched between two fixed electrode plates. The electrodes carry a positive charge and the diaphragm a negative charge. The size of the charge on the electrodes rises and falls to track the waveform of the musical signal, attracting and repelling the diaphragm closer to and further away from the electrode plates. It is this movement of the all most mass less diaphragm that creates the sound that is heard.
QUAD’s design takes this one step further. For many years it has long been recognised that the ideal loudspeaker should be a point source from which the sound waves are generated, in much the same way as a ripple is formed when dropping a stone in a pond. It is obvious that conventional large cones and even larger electrostatic panels cannot be point sources, although several manufactures, notably Tannoy with their Dual Concentric drivers and KEF with their Uni-Q drivers have attempted to achieve a point source with a degree of success. QUAD’s solution to this problem was brilliant, they were subsequently awarded a patent for Peter Walkers elegant solution to this point source problem.
Instead of using a large electrode, QUAD designed a number of electrodes arranged in a series of concentric rings. Each electrode is fed with a calibrated delay line so the sound leaves the centre of the speaker, then after a short delay the sound leaves the next ring and so on. The delayed sound builds up into a spherical wave form identical to that produced by a theoretical point source. This innovative step brought Peter Walker and QUAD closer to achieving the perfect loudspeaker. The range of QUAD ESL loudspeakers reach the pinnacle of high fidelity music reproduction with an uncanny ability to “disappear” sonically and create a convincing 3-dimensional sound stage. Instruments and vocals occupy precise, accurately sized locations in space, giving an uncanny realism to the reproduced sound.

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