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Link Cryo Reference HCX High power

By Christopher Dixon

Hi Mark and Jan,

As promised a long time ago, some feedback regarding your new HCX  high Current x power cable.

I was originally was intending buying a second Cryo Reference cable for my amp having used the first on my CD player.

Now as you saw from the first email, the cryo reference is a Spectacular cable, revealing detail and handling transients with ease.

I had to ask myself whether this cable would be bettered. I borrowed another cryo reference to compare against a high current HCX. I tested

reference and high current x in various combinations. I came to the conclusion that the High Current HCX is definitely suited to the 

amplification. The Reference is NO  way a inferior cable, it does a superb job of lower current applications. It doesn't do a bad job with

an amp. As it says on the tin, the High Current HCX is designed for amp use and is superb. It is the big brother to the Reference, having all

the same traits...but even more so! Transients are handled extremely well, giving a great sense of space, clarity and detail. The

Combination of Reference and High Current HCX are a marriage made inheaven. Well worth borrowing one for a trial..You may end up being

persuaded by sonic ability to buy one like I did.

 Go ahead and enjoy!


Comparative Review  By Simon Granger

1m Missing Link Cryo Reference Prototype Mains Lead v Yamamura Churchill M600  

Effortlessly Superior

 I received a 1 metre length of Cryo Reference Mains Cable from Mark at the Missing Link to try, so  I  unplugged the existing Yamamura Churchill M600 and in went the Missing Link Reference (bear in mind that the Yamamura Churchill's are a well respected, not to mention a well expensive, mains cable with a price that starts or started, at around three times that of the price of the Missing Link).

As soon as you hear the ML Reference, you realise just what the Yamamura Churchill's were doing. Sonically the Missing Link cables are virtually invisible, and, as a consequence they show up the differences between the two cables immediately and without the need to do any swapping around.

The ML Reference, again, like the Cryo Reference Interconnect when compared with Nordost Balanced SPM, demonstrated it's effortlessly superior resolution, air, space, insight, timing and transparency all within about fifteen minutes of being plugged in from cold.

All the extra attributes mentioned above did not come at the expense of anything. There is no downside.

I have used the Yamamura Churchill's for the last three and a half years and have been very pleased with them as they offered an overall improvement over the Transparent Audio Mains Link I was using, they worked well and never seemed to interfere with the music. What they were doing, with their heavily RF shielded thick copper construction was effectively filtering the mains into the components, and as a result filtering the music too, although you'd never know it until you heard the Missing Link.

You couldn't realistically call this a comparison test as the ML Reference is just so much better in every way it makes the concept of comparing the two redundant.

A near mythical esoteric expensive mains solution versus a new, superbly engineered sonically invisible one at a fraction of the cost? No contest. 

Simon Granger... Customer of The Missing Link


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