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All cables are available for free home demonstration allowing you to assess their suitability with  your own unique system and listening environment without obligation...!

Link Cryo Reference Awarded Hi Fi World Standard & Hi Fi World Classic status

Hi Fi Choice 5 Star Award

Silver Surfer MK II 5 star award Hi Fi choice March 2013 

Your only outlay for loan cables will be postage charged at cost.

Alternatively all purchases of standard cables are covered by our 14 day no quibble refund.

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The Silver Surfer MK-II

Hand Built from the finest materials available & assembled to the highest standards 

A High Quality Interconnect with our Ultrapure Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper Conductor & PTFE Teflon Insulator .

Extreme performance at a fair price........

This Interconnect is Ideal for long runs due to very low capacitance 

This Interlink will give an instant and noticeable improvement over cables costing many times its price . 

The Silver Surfer comes with a Choice of Terminations

Click image for review

 wpe5.jpg (125361 bytes)   wpe1.jpg (47011 bytes)  Dont be fooled by the price this is a hand built Missing Link GIANT SLAYER !  


The Alaqeia... The Greek Goddess of Truth 

Quality & Craftsmanship need not cost a fortune....

The Alaqeia Interconnect - Hand Built from the finest materials available & assembled to the highest standards 

This design uses  two of  our Award Winning Silver Surfer High Purity Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper Conductors with PTFE Teflon Insulator in a twisted pair format offering lower overall resistance due to increased cross section. With the added benefit of a Pseudo Balanced Construction for Superior RFI Rejection -       

A true challenge to the majority of high priced mass produced cables on the market -

Fitted with Teflon insulated adjustable Reference RCA plugs as standard - Also available with balanced XLR Termination....

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The Link Family of  Interconnects

Based on Science - Not Mythology

Chosen By  David Price for Hi Fi Choice Demonstration room Bristol Hi Fi Show 2012

Pearl Finish Link Cryo Refrence Terminated with Optional WBT Next-Gen AG

Entered into Hi Fi World's - World Standards -  The finest afordable high end interconnect cable available

Hi Fi Choice 5 Star Award

 The Concept of perfection

 The Link family of audio cables are constructed from the finest materials currently available with the benefit of 10 years of research into cable technology and over 25 years involvement within the electronic and sound engineering industry. With a lifelong passion for the study of physics our specialist designer Mark  Sears  has taken the Link range of cables to the leading edge of cable design. The conductors used in each Link audio cable are extruded from specially produced hyper pure  laboratory grade Silver bullion that has been tested for purity by the Metallurgy Department of Bradford University.  The Silver is then drawn into wire on diamond precision jigs with stringent quality control to ensure there are no imperfections or variations in conductor diameter or in  the mirror surface finish - this is then heat treated and re- annealed to reduce oxygen desolations created during the wire production to  give an improved crystal structure and reduction in Oxygen boundaries.  This highly specialised process was perfected by The Missing Link with the help of electron microscope studies of our post drawn Silver wire. The Silver conductors are then retained in a vacuum sealed atmosphere to avoid any contamination until the gas tight Teflon extrusion is completed with a custom stress reducing push pull extrusion system. The coating thickness is tuned to give the correct impedance and electrical characteristics for the application for which the cable is intended to be used. The cryogenic super cooling treatment is now applied and takes in excess of 12  hours to slowly cool the material so as to avoid any thermal stress -  it is the held at a temperature of – 195 for 3 days to  relieve any stress induced in the cable during the Teflon extrusion process. Our custom produced cable is returned for quality control inspection by ourselves between each process to ensure absolute perfection in every cable….

Below is a picture of one of our  0.5 mm pure Silver conductors after extrusion has taken place. The indentation you can see is 5 microns in diameter and was created by a Vickers microhardness tester.  The formation you see on the surface in the bottom right hand side of the picture is known as annealing twins and is commonly caused by cold working of Silver and Copper  - this can be addressed by further annealing and re-crystallisation with controlled heat treatment for the formation of larger crystals and a reduction in desolations..  Pure Silver will re-crystallise at a very low temperature but to achieve the best results precise control at a specific temperature and a carefully controlled time span is required. This is just one of the many recipe secrets in producing the perfect super conductor.


         wpe4.gif (330681 bytes)  Granular structure of the Re-crystallised Link Cryo reference pure Silver conductors after our specialised treatment process  @ x1200 magnification under scanning electron microscope, as close to perfection as is curently posible .


Research is the key

The picture below  shows  2   prepared samples of pure Silver - one Cryogenically treated and one control sample. This is part of  the research used into the improvement of conductor technology during the development of the Link family of cables. 


The Silver produced for each conductor starts life at a purity of 99.999 -  in samples  taken from cables after production   the Silver  retained a purity of between 99.94 / 99.95 as analysed by Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry and is accurate to parts per billion. 

When all materials have passed our stringent quality control tests they are very carefully wound into twisted pairs on a custom hand-winding machine ( without the use of electrical motors ) so no stress is induced into the carefully preserved and prepared materials which are  then set in an anti resonant polymer to reduce electromotive forces ready for hand assembly into finished cables.

Attention to the finest detail

The jointing method is another  area of particular importance and to which we pay great attention during the production of Link audio cables - using the most conductive materials on earth the last thing we want to introduce to the perfect signal path is intrusive Lead or Tin based solder which increases the resistance substantially at every joint . In the Missing Link family of cables each joint is carefully crimped to eliminate solder contamination and then a Tin based solder is applied in a very special manner to  add physical strength to the joint without contaminating the connection. Each finished cable is electrically tested on a highly accurate and regularly calibrated  resistance meter that is accurate to 1/10,000 of an Ohm to ensure the assembly is perfect. Finally  each cable receives its unique registration number & signed certificate with is your guarantee of unprecedented British quality and meticulous craftsmanship.

A British company born of passion

We believe the Link family of audio reproduction cables to be of the very highest quality available regardless of cost. They are the result of many years of passion & continuing research by our designer Mark, who's goal it is to create  the very best cables for audio reproduction available today. Mark has a very understated approach and believes that quality speaks for itself. He also has a simple motto on which he has based his company The Missing Link. “Cables based on science not Mythology “ !

Mark has funded numerous joint research programs into the chemical, electrical and physical analysis and evaluation of materials for use in audio cables with Nottingham University BAE systems and also Bradford University's excellent metallurgy department ....his research continues.


Every one of the Missing Link family of cables is individually created at the time of order placement... such high Quality Cables as these that are  built with the greatest attention to the finest detail simply cannot be mass produced.

wpe8.jpg (40163 bytes)  Click for full size image colour options include Black, White, Royal blue, Purple

The Link ..... 

The Link Cryo .... 

Chosen By  David Price for Hi Fi Choice Demonstration room Bristol Hi Fi Show 2012


The Link Cryo Reference  interconnect cable


Chosen By  David Price for Hi Fi Choice Demonstration room Bristol Hi Fi Show 2012

Reviewed Hi Fi Choice April 2012

Awarded Hi Fi World World Standards Best High end interconnect

Outperforming designs at over twice  its cost

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Customer Reveiws


Balanced LCR with black braid finish

 Press Reveiw's  cilck picture to read

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The Passion Signature interconnect  

 The Ultimate in the preservation of the analog audio signal from point A to point B

Simply the very finest quality hand made pure Silver Interconnect cable in the world

Are you in the privileged position of owning high quality ancillaries and seriously interested in hearing further into your recordings ?

Simply book a loan cable and listen to the music your ears will tell you everything you need to know


The Passion Signature is a further development of our award winning Link Cryo Reference range of Cables

New chemical analysis of our Silver - down to parts per billion - has assisted us in creating a specialised process to improve our already high purity conductors. This is enhanced with our highly specialised heat treatment process.  

The new cable builds on the strengths of our original reference interconnect using a larger conductor cross section while maintaining the lowest capacitance of any audio cable we can produce

Of course we are not able to give away the complete recipe for creating our new Passion Signature Range of pure Silver audio cables but be assured that each batch of pure Silver wire is produced to very strict tolerances in very small individually inspected runs and then, as with all of our cables, is hand assembled with the greatest of care using the Missing Link specialised methods of production.

We are confident that we have now created the very best pure Silver conductor possible and in turn the finest  Analogue Audio Interconnect available.  

If you are seriously interested in hearing further into your recordings

Simply book a loan cable and listen to the music your ears will tell you everything you need to know


Silver Bullet Passion Signature  As good as it gets !


Krell Cast Passion Signature

Ricardo Franassovici Absolute Sounds

"We have now and for the passed few weeks tried The Missing Link Passion Signature Krell cast and we are very pleased with its performance.

its definitely up there with the best "



Tone Arm Cables

Phono cables especially designed to get the very best from your Vinyl


New For 2010 Revelation AG

1.2m  Fitted with SME Din & Missing Link Reference RCA connectors as standard this is also be available in our popular DIY kit form from £110 see DIY section (with custom lengths & optional WBT’s available to order)
This represents outstanding value in ‘sound for pound’ and should not be under estimated - this is a World Class Cable offering a wonderful new level of insight into your music over the majority of aftermarket arm cables on sale.

Please note this cable in not available balanced. 



The Log-Rhythm MK-2 Phono Interconnect

High performance Interconnect especially designed designed to get the verry best from all cartridges 

Available with Silver plated SME 5 pin arm termination and Metal bodied Eichmann bullets as standard (suits most arms with removable cable)  with custom lengths/terminations & optional WBT’s or Silver Eichmann Bullets available to order

This cable is designed to offer the delicate signal from your phono cartridge the very least intrusive path possible using our latest cryottone™ Cryogenic treatment process...


Picture Log Rhythm MK-2 Terminated with standard Silver Eichmann Bullet RCA Connectors 

I have now had the Log-Rhythm Mk2 arm cable for a few weeks and it is nicely burned-in so I thought I'd share my impressions.
Mark was good enough to make me a special "slimline" Log-Rhythm Mk2 as the standard cable configuration couldn't quite negotiate the very tight confines of the stone plinth housing of my Garrard 301.  Excellent service ... and at no extra cost!  I replaced the standard issue Van den Hul arm cable supplied with my SME IV and popped a selection of vinyl on the turntable.  The Log Rhythm is "quick" - the dynamics are excellent - and it certainly passes the toe-tapping test.  Soundstage is equally good, both wide and deep, and instrument placement precise and stable with good bass definition and control at the top end.  There is a general sense of "air" and space around the instruments and an overall reduction in listening fatigue - in fact zero fatigue, as evidenced by my inability to get an early night since the arrival of the cable.  I'm someone who listens to music, not equipment, and who doesn't "fettle" (no disrespect to fettlers) so ultimately the question for me is about musicality.  The Log-Rhythm is musical - it sings, it dances - and it's like having a new record collection.  I have no hesitation in recommending both the product and the service from Missing-Link.
Jim Brady  




Picture coming soon.... 


 The Passion Signature... Pure Silver 

It is an intense development of our very successful original design (an excellent design in its own right) and is very special indeed for those who demand the ultimate in sound reproduction this cable introduces a new material that is a world first for use in audio cables, also we have developed an Innovative new zero noise shield system that works equally well in single ended and balanced applications, specially heat treated Ultrapure Silver conductors are at the heart of this no compromise design the result of many years of research into the metallurgy and chemistry of Silver and last but not least our Cryotone & heat treatment process...  This statement cable really does require excellent partnering equipment to realise its whole potential… if  you are in this fortunate position  and a serious vinyl enthusiast it will represent great value with custom lengths/terminations available to order and our usual refund option if not impressed with the increased sonic resolution...

No extra cost for Balanced  XLR termination


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