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Hand Crafted High Performance Mains Cables & Distribution

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There are many Mains Cables on the market and the choice can be bewildering .... some  have highly complicated weave patterns - and most claim the be the best on offer, or the first in the field with some new mysterious technology- and then of course there are two main differences in the requirements of cables for high resolution audio equipment.........



 Power Delivery

The requirement here is to get the power to the respective high current demand area as required by Distribution Units (plug bars) and Power Amplifiers as clean as possible without limiting the current delivery and transient response of the given cable.

One of the problems with some designs of mains cables is that they have a weave pattern that claims to reduce RFI .... while true to some extent this introduces a far bigger problem.... Woven high current cables have a high inductance. 

Inductance has little effect until you try to move current .... when you try to move current affected by high inductance there is a braking effect on the current transfer making for very poor cable transients (or in other words - it adversely affects the speed at which the cable can react to the demand from high current draws such as large amplifiers) ...So for this reason we believe that the problem is best approached with Ferrites - the diameter and amount can be calculated quite simply so as to not cause undesirable effects on the cable transients and yet to remove a large portion of the RFI...together with  the added benefit of reducing electro magnetic interference  between power cables in close proximity to one another.

Front End Equipment

Primarily Low Current draw components .... Pre Amplifiers - CD Players - Transports - Dacs - Turntables - Power supplies  - Electrostatic Loudspeaker Energizers - DVD and AV equipment... 

RFI shielding plays a far more important roll with the low current draw. The inductance of the cable becomes a far less influencing characteristic and therefore  a weave or twisted cable will have many benefits .... as used in the Opus ..... but this still only goes part way to solving the problems of mains-born interference and its many contributing factors.  One of these being the high contact noise generated by low conductivity brass. This is why we only use Silver Contacts on all of our Mains Leads and Our EPS range of Distribution Bars and Connectors. Brass has a conductivity rating of 28 on the International Conductivity Standard Scale using fully annealed copper as a reference with a rating of 100 . The High Purity Hard Silver plating applied to our EPS range of connectors has an International Conductivity rating of 106 .... thus greatly reducing the contact noise generated. 

We also use Ferrite again on the Opus with a carefully calculated cross section as this attenuates the ultra high frequencies associated with mobile phones - although this is nowhere near audio frequencies it can have detrimental effects on the internal components of sensitive audio equipment ... especially digital equipment - if it gets chance to enter the system via the mains cable . 

The  final solution the Opus-F is also fitted with a state of the art In-line Filter . This has a rejection characteristic better that 55db at 1 mhz and is fitted as close to the source component as possible making for a very cost effective and comprehensive solution to a highly complex problem.....

The Missing Link Ultrapure system

Cables based on Science not mythology

Pictured above The Missing Link EPS-100 Ultrapure Silver plated wall socket v high quality MK wall socket..

 Generated contact noise caused by contact resistance causes distortion to the 50 cycle waveform degrading the quality of the mains - this is a fact.. that's why we were the first company to introduce Silver plated mains connectors to the market over 7 years ago and we have continually improved this process using our own chemist to produce the highest purity plating  possible  as used in our full range of Missing link power cables and connectors as standard.. the test equipment we use for development can measure contact resistance down to 1-10,000 of an Ohm + - 2%

  On the Left is the contact resistance of a Missing Link EPS-100 wall socket with EPS-500 Silver mains plug pin measuring 1.23 milli Ohm - on the Right is a high quality MK wall socket with an MK brass mains plug pin as fitted to most high end mains cables  some costing thousands of pounds ! measuring 5.11 milli Ohm..

 The EPS range of mains connectors offer the lowest measurable contact noise in the world... Fact !


Silver American, Silver Euro and many other power connector options also available 

All  genuine  Missing Link plugs depict our logo, your guarantee of quality...

wpeC.jpg (87677 bytes)

Just a few of the Silver  plated mains connectors we produce 

..... The main point is - Will it improve your musical experience...?  

Power Cables

The Opus Power Cable is specifically for sensitive and digital front end equipment . It comes in two versions filtered ( Opus-F ) and unfiltered. Rated at 10 amps and 6.5 amps for the filtered version. This cable also uses noise dissipating technology for the removal of unwanted RFI picked up by the many miles of cable connecting your electricity supply All versions use the noise reducing Silver plated EPS-500 UK mains plug at one end and a choice of the  Silver plated EPS-250  IEC 320 (kettle plug) as standard. or 16 amp American style plug or Figure of Eight 2 pin connector at the other end… Offering unmatched performance this gives the added benefit of offering the lowest generated mains contact noise possible and excellent EMI and RFI rejection due to its twisted construction. Prices start from £70 for a one metre cable add £18 per consecutive metre.. Available in all popular termination options for the UK, European and American market.


click for larger image

 wpe1.jpg (21780 bytes)  

Opus Power silver plated ofc Twisted construction Mains lead.

Opus F is specifically designed noise for sensitive front end Pre Amp/phono amp, Digital and AV equipment with a state of the art built in filter offering outstanding performance in the most demanding environments 

wpe5.jpg (22971 bytes) 

Opus-F With custom Purple finish

The Orbit & Orbit S  Power Cables - designed primarily for power amplifiers and feeding distribution units. 

These have a current rating of 45 amps at 240 volts and excellent transient response, utilising an unbeatable combination of 7 Silver plated 0.5mm conductors per core and self damping silicone insulation. More than adequate for the most demanding of amplifiers this cable, without  limiting current draw capabilities, also uses noise dissipating technology for the removal of unwanted RFI picked up by the many miles of cable connecting your electricity supply. It comes terminated with the noise reducing Ultra Pure Silver plated  EPS-500 13 amp UK mains plug and the Ultra Pure Silver plated Marinco hospital grade large body IEC 320 . The Missing Link Silver Marinco is arguably the finest IEC320 on the market . The Orbit S is terminated with the excellent value Silver plated Schurter.... Silver contacts give the added benefit of offering the lowest generated mains contact noise possible. Orbit S or  Orbit Available in all popular termination options for the UK, European and American market. 

* The Orbit-S is currently unavailable whist we await new stocks of the Schurter IEC connectors.*


     wpe2.jpg (21922 bytes)

The Orbit Power cable offers unparalled performance & Design excellence at a fair price..

Orbit Power  Heavy duty silver plated OFC Mains lead finished with EPS-500 Silver plated mains plug & Silver plated Marinco or optional 16 amp American style Silver plated connector  available in Black, Royal Blue, Purple. 

wpe15.jpg (19059 bytes)

Hi Fi World Review 

 wpe1.jpg (120269 bytes)


The Missing Link Cryo Reference Power Cable This is a no compromise design offering a combination of the finest materials and design available offering unparalleled levels of EMI and RFI rejection combined with extremely low inductance, ultra fast transient response incorporating our state of the art cryottone  cryogenic treatment process on all conductive components all you need do is use your ears.. suitable for all audio applications please feel free to contact us to arrange loan cables we think you will be pleasantly surprised. with choice of White, Black Blue or Purple braid finish ......



  wpeA.jpg (30324 bytes)


Hi Fi World Review Link Cryo Reference 

wpe3.jpg (141485 bytes)



 Link Cryo Reference HCX' High Current Power Cable 

This new specialised cable is a development of our highly acclaimed Reference Power Cable and has taken over 5 years of research to improve on our original design that has consistently out-performed cables at over twice its cost. This new design offers even greater current capacity with its generous 6mm cross section Ultrapure Silver coated conductors suitable for the most demanding equipment and incorporating our state of the art cryottone  Cryogenic treatment process in conjunction with our new specialised Heat treatment process for improved Crystal structure on all conductive components ..... and yet still retains a very user friendly flexibility due to the high quality custom polymer insulation. 

Suitable for all audio applications high or low curent to get the verry best results from your audio equipment.

..as with all of our cables all you need to do is use your ears-please feel free to contact us to arrange loan cables-we think you will be pleasantly surprised..

The New  'Missing Link Cryo Reference HCX' High Current Power Cable

This Cable is terminated with Missing Link 'Ultrapure' Silver plated connectors - The EPS-500 and Marinco IEC as standard.

& it is finished with either a warm Black braiding as standard or Royal Blue, Purple, Golden Orange, or White

please state your preference when ordering

Please note all power cables are available with  optional built in spike and surge Ultra Clamp protection....


This new cable is available for home demonstration allowing you to assess suitability with  your own unique system and listening environment with no obligation...!



Power Distribution 

EPS 100 Silver wall socket instant upgrade, designed to get the best from your Missing Link power cables only £30

The Quietest wall socket in the world


The Supplier 6

All units are un-switched and the neon is  disconnected for the removal of undesirable line noise.. the contacts are modified then hard Silver plated making the perfect partner for the EPS-500 Silver mains plug. This brings contact noise and  pin arcing down to almost un-measurable levels ...

The Supplier 6 way distribution bars are finished in black as standard and wired with One metre of our  high current Orbit mains lead and  the EPS-500  ..  Available with optional built in spike and surge Ultra Clamp protection....


Hi Fi World Review click to read

wpe1.jpg (139793 bytes)



The Supplier 6...Silver plated 6 way13 amp plug bars unwired for  or wired with 1 metre Orbit power and EPS-500  optional Ultra Clamp surge and spike protection

wpeA.jpg (27922 bytes)



The Reference Supplier with mains conditioner 4,6,8 & 10 way

Reference Power  Distribution System.  This has the option of up to 8  sockets together with  a state of the art low inductance high power mains purifier  with better than 89 db noise rejection offering a comprehensive solution to clean mains supply . The Reference Supplier is hard wired from the Silver plated EPS-600 supply plug to the Silver plated EPS-100 un-switched Sockets with a chioce of our Reference or Reference HCX mains cable..  the  unit is also fully shielded and Star earthed with external technical  earth post and  all metal construction. This will make one of the very finest fully shielded low noise power distribution systems available..   As demonstrated at the  Heathrow show 

wpe1.jpg (22104 bytes)  wpe1.jpg (20874 bytes)

Reference Supplier  with mains conditioner wired with reference cable 4 way unit 

New for 2013 Reference Supplier HCX... with mains conditioner wire with HCX cable 4 way unit  6 way unit  8 way unit New 10 way unit All units come with up to one metre of cable as standard 


The Major Oak 8 way purist mains distribution unit 

The Major Oak 8 way mains distribution ,
Purist mains distribution by The Missing Link - Hand crafted in the heart of Sherwood forest
4x Missing Link Ultrapure un-switched low noise mains sockets - the world's lowest contact noise mains connectors backed by measurement..
parallel wired with missing links top of the range Reference HCX High power cable star earthed with external earth binding post 16 amp ultrapure silver plated connector,  hand crafted from English oak...
Supplied with 1 metre HCX High power cable 



8 way Un-filtered low noise purist design -  Sounds as good as it looks



Diplomat 6 way

This is the perfect solution for those of you using High quality American mains leads. It removes the need for performance reducing adaptors. It comes  with one metre of  low noise high current Orbit mains cable and UK 13 Amp EPS-500 Silver mains plug wired to 6  high quality US sockets with fully shielded all steel construction casing and star earthing ...

wpe1.jpg (28953 bytes)

Diplomat 6 way  wired with one metre of  low noise high current Orbit mains cable UK 13 Amp EPS-500 mains plug to 6  high quality US sockets 


We also stock our own EPS Range of Pure  Silver plated connectors see our DIY section for EPS-250 IEC-320 (kettle plug) EPS-300 16 amp American style connector  UK EPS-500 13  amp mains plug  UK EPS-600 wide aperture 13 amp mains plug  EPS-1000 4&6 way plug bar & Silver plated MK Tough plugs…. unwired or wired to your requirements.  our latest addition is the our latest addition is the EPS-100 our latest addition is the EPS-100 our latest addition is the EPS-100 un-switched 2 gang wall socket  EPS-700 silver  hospital grade American Mains plug & Silver ABL Euro plug plus many more.


European customers

We now Supply our mains leads fitted with  Silver plated Schuko/Euro plugs. For Germany, Austria, Finland, Norway, Sweden, France and Belgium. 

We use only the highest quality Silver plated fuses in our UK plugs.

Please note if you have any questions regarding power ratings and fusing we will be happy to answer your questions



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