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Turtntable Service rebuilds and upgrades, Linn LP-12 specialist large range of upgrade options & custom finishes

Silver PIating, Bespoke Cables, Cryogenic Treatment, Cable Re termination, Professional record cleaning service, Turntable rebuilds upgrades and much more.

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Ultrapure Silver Plating


Profesional Retermination

Replacing poor quality Isotek industry standard CY type cable with Reference HCX

First class Record cleaning Service with a full range of cleaning machines and accessories available from our vinyl passion section.




Free profesional stylus inspection


IF you are unsure about the condition of your stylus we strongly advise you have it checked...  We offer a free inspection service as a worn stylus is a sure way to do irreparable damage to your record collection and will very often not be audible until far to late, top left is a perfect stylus with better than average factory azimuth as you would expect from Ortofon, to the right is a stylus we inspected recently that has had incorrect anti skating set causing the stylus to were unevenly after only a 6 months of use, this is often the case when turntables are not setup correctly and is more common than you may think... Every turntable that leaves our premises is setup to the highest possible standards we are happy to setup and service all models of turntable and also offer an expert fitting service for pickups when you purchase from vinyl passion you can rest assured every conceivable check will be compleat we even check coil impedance before we fit your new pickup as you should expect.


Ultrapure Silver PIating Service  for the very quietest contact's available in the world backed by electrical measurement and developed by The Missing Link...

One of the unique services we offer our customers is a First Class Silver Plating Service for the more DIY minded and those designing and building their own equipment where only the very best will do.

All our Silver plating uses 99.999% pure Silver ... we provide the raw Silver to the platers ourselves .

We know of no other plating service to use this quality of Silver ... all plating is between 5-8 microns unless otherwise specified and we are happy to plate just one plug or many hundreds of items. 

For a quotation contact Mark


 Bespoke cables built to your specification




Just one of our specialties is the re-termination of Nordost ribbon cables with our high quality silver plated banana plugs using a specially developed Nordost stripping tool -  so as not to score the silver plating on the textured conductor surface (a common fault with unprofessional re-termination) and finally our market leading solder free connection for the ultimate electrical contact ... Our craftsmanship speaks for itself...


Mains  cable

Bespoke Re-termination work can often turn out to be highly cost

please contact us for an informal chat with your cable requirements

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The EPS-600 Hard Silver plated large bodied 13 amp mains plug

Easily accommodating the large power cables

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