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Love Vinyl Visit The Vinyl Passion Music Room

 We have the finest value turntables & backup service and friendly advice you will find

 Share in our passion and 30 years of experience to get the very best from your cherished records

We hope to see you soon in our friendly informal music room and hope you enjoy what we have on offer

 Regards Mark Jan & Jon


Vinyl Passion Turntables & Turntable service & Upgrades

 ( unsure ? Simply call for friendly Advice )

 Hanns, Linn, SME, Thorens, Rega, Audio mods & Edwards Audio Specialist

 Full range of catridges and phono stages available 

Custom build LP-12 & TD-150 Turntables & Upgrade specialists

 Vinylpassion TD-150 Custom build full stealth Black Finish with the Excelent 5 star rated Vincent PH-700 Phono stage

Vinyl Passion Upgrade kits for both the LP-12 & TD-150

A Few of the Turntables we have on dem

Audio Technica ALP-5 Simply the best value budget turntable on the market budget in price but not in sound

Built in phono stage connects directly to your amplifier nothing else is needed..


 We keep this turntable in stock and it is avalable for dem by appointment



New Vinyl Passion VP-12 Turntables built to your spec & Custom finish

The VP-12 Is a New Highly upgraded Linn LP-12 at a considerable saving 

Vinyl Passion Unity One VP-12 Cirkus New without Arm  - full stealth black including platter 

Vinyl Passion Unity One VP-12 level one  Fitted With Rega 202 tonearm AT 95 

Vinyl Passion Unity One VP-12 level Two  Fitted With Origin live Onyx tonearm Sumiko Bluepint no2 

Book a dem today

New Vinyl Passion VP-12 Unity Two Turntables based un the Linn Cirkus bearing with full vinyl passion upgrade package

without arm or cart...  Demo PX-Welcome

Standard finish options - Black - Light Oak - Cherry - Wallnut

Picturerd VP-12 New Fitted with Carbon arm and Grado Reference  



Book a Dem today

SME 10 needs no introduction  is the finest value turntable at its price

 £3800 without arm As dem room turntable fitted with SME 309 Benz Glider SL 

Passion signature pure Silver tone arm cable 


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Hanns T-30 Simply the finest value high end turntables on the market today

Enjoy both Stereo & mono playback with the minimum of fuss a must for the serious record collector

T-30 Pictured now on dem £4800 inclusive of vat and delivery without arms

The ultimate package for the serious record collector 

As Dem Room Fitted with Arm -1 SME 309 Benz Glider for standard stereo playback 

Arm 2 Rega 303 +  AT Mono LP for dedicated Mono recordings 

Passion signature pure Silver tone arm cable 




We specialise in Custom Finish Substantially upgraded Linn LP-12's

 Pictured below are two of the New Vinyl Passion Upgraded VP-12  Turntables currently on Demo at our Premisses in Nottinghamshire  &  Also  Brian & Trevor's Manchester


We can achieve any custom finish in any colour or wood  you desire black, Pink, ?

Airbrushed psychedelic ?

Or even gold plated.. the only limitation to the look of your custom Vinyl Passion LP-12 is your imagination our Turntables are custom hand built for you.. or we can even re furbish you old deck and make it look as good as it sounds

if you are after something unique with the finest reproduction possible you are in the right place

Vinyl Passion !

Custom wood Build Cost or upgrade of your LP-12 varies with options contact for quote & prices 

Donor Turntables and new parts always in stock

VP-12 Unity - Two in custom Kalos English Oak plinth


VP-12 Unity-Two - Full Stealth Black

LP-12 Stelth Build Cost or upgrade of your LP-12 varies with options contact for quote & prices

Donor Turntables and new parts always in stock


Click to read Unity Two  Hi Fi World Review 2014

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Welcome to the heart of the Machine Click for detailed design info


Designed By The Missing Link

Fitting & setup at our premises  we can suply LP-12 Packing if required


Quality Approved fitting by  Brian & Trevors   The Missing Link & Stamford Audio


 Available DIY from

The Missing Link

Brian & Trevors

Audio Emotion

Analogue Seduction

Or simply ask your local dealer to contacts us for info

 Simply the best Quality & Value Linn LP-12 Upgrades available 



Advised Vinyl Passion Upgrades and spares in stock for your LP-12 / TD-150


wpeA.jpg (41138 bytes)

VP-1  Carbon Acrylic arm board available for Linn Rega & SME £69 Naim Aro £95


wpe1.jpg (39125 bytes)

VP- Unity-One Kit includes Subchassis + VP Blue Springs &  VP bearing clamp with precision torque fitted  VP-1 Carbon Acrylic Armboard Linn/Rega/SME 

Naim Aro 


wpe5.jpg (65803 bytes)

VP- Unity-Two kit includes  Subchassis +  VP Blue Springs & VP bearing clamp with precision  torque fitted  CNC Alloy Armboard Linn/Rega/SME  

Naim Aro 


wpe7.jpg (47389 bytes)

VP Unity-1 Subchassis only + VP bearing clamp Ideal for existing VP-1 armboard owners 


Vinyl Passion Master Craftsman LP-12 Plinths


We are pleased to announce our own range of affordable Quality Vinyl Passion Master Craftsman Plinths for the Linn LP-12
It has taken several years to find a master craftsman cabinet maker who can work to the exacting tolerance and finish we require
All of our exquisite plinths are made from ethically sourced well seasoned stable hard woods picked specifically for their grain.
Our new range of Master Craftsman LP-12 Plinths are available from stock in Black Ebony polished Oak - Light Oak - Walnut & Cherry at our standard price of £400 .. 
We can also obtain many special woods and finishes to special order please contact for a quote... 
We offer a full rebuild and fitting service at our premises or we are happy to supply direct or to your local specialist Linn dealer
The Vinyl Passion Master Craftsman plinths are a hand made work of art that will make your turntable look as good as it sounds and when matched with one of our Vinyl Passion Orpheus top plates will give your LP-12 that brand new look as well as an improved performance..



Kalos Reference English  Hardwood plinths & Bespoke Hi Fi furniture

Vinyl Passion are proud to offer  The finest Quality  Kalos Bespoke plinths.. they can be custom matched to your Kalos Hi Fi furniture from a full Hi Fi rack that looks like a piece of beautiful furniture when not in use to a bookmarked matching coffee table or Record storage unit..

Kalos Bespoke Joinery is not simply furniture..  Each piece  is a work of art Created by British craftsmen from the finest Ethically sourced English Timber with English Quarter Sawn Oak being a speciality and more than just material itís a piece of English Heritage.. Kalos Plinth  each unit is truly individual...

Current stock  Kalos LP-12 Plinth.. no 0003




VP 10mm Foundation Acrylic baseboard with solid brass feet far superior to trampoline 


Orpheus Top Plate upgrade kit  made from 2mm 316 stainless steel this is much stiffer and less resonant than the standard LP-12 top plate and maintains the same classic look at a realistic price available with our without speed switch cut out 

Kit includes all new Stainless fasteners including corner bolt fixing and is pre formed for a perfect fit

This can also be fitted at our premises or one of our approved fitting centres or supplied to your local specialist



 Cross  brace  power supply mounting plate with nylon mounting clips & stianless fateners 

 Top plate mounting kit  5x  stainless bolt kit including  new upgraded stainless penny washers 

wpe9.jpg (28065 bytes)

VP 3mm Carbon Acrylic platter mat  custom color's by request

Herculese power supply ... modified to drive Thorens 16 pole motors + £70


 Mose off board power supply


Vinyl Passion Revolution 2 speed Power Supply 

Single speed 

This will be available for both Linn Thorens & Logic turntables

And can be adapted for many other AC 16/24 Pole motors by request...



This picture on the left is the Quality of the output waveform from Hercules &  Valhalla supply

The Picture on the right is the pure sine output of the New VP Revolution 2 speed modified supplies

matching the quality of the Lingo and bringing a perfectly  silent & stable supply

without the distortion that creates both vibration and noise in AC motors a huge upgrade



New motor 

Valhala rebuild re cap + new rectifier and ballast resistors 

Full inspection & Setup including oil change + any parts advised

Replacement genuine Linn belt Free Fitting and correct adjustment

Replacement Cartridge fitting and aligning service  

Genuine Linn Replacement Nivarna Spring's & Rubbers 

Vinyl Passion Blue Spring's & Rubbers 

Carbon fiber top plate finish in many Color options special finish by request

VP Anti harmonic coated platter finish reduces platter ringing large range of Color's  


wpeC.jpg (13885 bytes)

VP-1 Polymer Arm board kit  / Standard Linn replacement / Rega /SME / Blank.  

VP-2 Aerospace Alloy Arm board Kit / Standard Linn replacement / Rega /SME .  

wpe7.jpg (31187 bytes) SME Cut  wpe2.jpg (28707 bytes) Rega Cut  Linn Cut  Naim Cut £95



The Legendary TD 150 

The TD-150 was my first quality turntable and has rightly achieved cult status ... it can easily keep up with the Linn with the right modifications 

 We offer a full rebuild & restoration service and range of upgrade kits for this superb peice of history - we also have a selection of rebuilt VP-TD-150'S on demo..

Below is the same TD-150 Rebuilt with one of our kits with the addition of  our specialised 50 micron anti resonant aerospace polymer coating to the platter and a carbon finish top plate.. the plinth is machined with rebate to take one of our clear acrylic lids


TD 150 Black & wallnut built to Order 

TD-150 Crusader Finished in all white  - built to order... 


We can offer a wide range of custom finishes and specs on all turntables including custom engraving and colour finshes

TD-150's custom built to your spec & Finish

Hard wood plinth as used above with silver plated IEC Socket in Oak  or painted in colour of your choice 

Clear lid to match plinth £100

Polymer Armboard cut to suit plinth and arm combo £60

new stainless suspension kit 

Blue Spring Kit 

Acrylic platter mat 

Full kit with all of above except platter coating 


Cable upgrades

Standard Tone arm cable upgraded with Eichmann bullets £45/ Silver bullets 

Revelation AG

The Log-Rhythm MK-2 Phono Interconnect

Passion signature

Opus-F 1m power cable 

Enjoy the music... Regards Mark & Jan


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