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For pricing please see our new website this is simply our legacy site

Quality Pickups your physical connection to the music

Audio Technica Specialist full range in stock

Call for up-to-date prices free fitting at our premises

Flagship Art-9 book your demonstration in the Vinyl Passion music room


Sumiko & Benz Micro  call for latest prices 


 Sumiko Pearl


The Audio Legend Blue point no 2 high output MC  

Available for Demonstration in the VP music room

From Benz Micro... 

The Superb new Glider S


Free professional stylus inspection 

If  you are unsure about the condition of your stylus we strongly advise you have it checked...  We offer a free inspection service as a worn stylus is a sure way to do irreparable damage to your record collection and will very often not be audible until far too late..... top left is a perfect stylus with better than average factory azimuth as you would expect from Ortofon.... to the right is a stylus we inspected recently that has had incorrect anti skating set causing the stylus to wear unevenly after only  6 months of use - this is often the case when turntables are not set up correctly and is more common than you may think... Every turntable that leaves our premises is set up to the highest possible standards and we are happy to set up and service all models of turntable and also offer an expert fitting service for pickups. 

When you purchase from Vinyl Passion you can rest assured every conceivable check will be complete ... we even check coil impedance before we fit your new pickup as you should expect.

Benz Micro 

All Benz models are available in low, medium and high output versions

Gold Entry level Benz MC - massive performance - minimal cost 

 Silver MC - high output version of the gold



Available for demonstration

Glider S   simply the finest value high end MC available


Wooden body -S   


SLR Gulwing  





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